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Lahanodolmades aka stuffed cabbage with Avgolemono sauce

Hi dolls,
Stuffed cabbage is internationally known.I am familiar to it from Germany,but the Greek version is one of my favorites.I think it is the sauce that does all the magic.
Lahanodolmades are pronounced :"La-ha-no-dhol-ma-dhes
You need:
A big head of white cabbage
500 gr minced lamb or beef
1/2 finely chopped red onion
3 tablespoons olive oil
3-4 tablespoons finely chopped parsley
pepper salt
50 gr boiled rice
a dash of cumin and cinnamon

For the sauce:
1 egg 1 egg white
the juice of 1 1/2 lemons
pepper salt
4 tablespoons olive oil

Cut the root of the cabbage and clean off any dirt. Take off the hard outside leaves,but don't throw them away.
In a very large pot bring 2 liters of water to a boil,once it boils switch off the stove,but don't remove the pot.Add the whole cabbage and leave it for 10 minutes.
Let the cabbage cool so you will be able to touch it
Try to peel off the leaves and try not to tear them.I always carve out the hard stem part of the cabbage to reduce the danger of teared leaves.
In a frying pan,quickly saute the minced,onion,parsley and rice and don't forget to season.Saute for 3 minutes.

Now take one cabbage leaf into the palm of your hands and take about 1 teaspoon of the stuffing and place it on the cabbage leaf.By carefully folding the cabbage leaf,create a little parcel.
I usually first fold the sides,then I roll it.
This is a bit time consuming,especially the first time,but once you get it right you will need 10 seconds for each parcel.

Grease a pot with some olive oil and add the hard outside leaves of the cabbage on the bottom.This step will prevent your Lahanodolmades from burning on the bottom of the pan.Even some cabbage left overs can be used.Sometimes I place whole carrots on the bottom,if I don't have enough leaves.

Carefully add the little parcels on top of the cabbage leaves and stack them into layers if necessary.
Almost cover them with water and add a generous drizzle of olive oil
Take a plate that fits into your pot and place it on top of the lahanodolmades.
Bring to a boil,reduce the heat dramatically until you reach a simmer.
Cook for 30-45 minutes with a closed lid.Remove from heat.

Now it's time to prepare the sauce:
Take a few tablespoons of the 'juices' from the pot and let them cool for 2 minutes.
Now beat the eggs until foamy and gradually add the lemon and the juices.

Remove the plate from your pot and slowly add the sauce,while slightly shaking the pot.
You don't want to stir,because this would break your little babies.So just shake the pot from left to right.
Let the lahanodolmades absorb the sauce for 5-10 minutes and serve.

I enjoyed mine with some pan fried potatoes (boiled potato leftovers cut into slices,fried in olive oil) and a tiny bit of salad.

Huggies CookingChinchillas


Little Star Nail Art Design

Or how I forgot to take a picture when I did the mani......

Hi dolls,

The last few days were quite busy,so I completely forgot to take a picture of Tuesday's nail art design I did.
And that is also the reason I wear about 3 coats of topcoat,because of being busy,I wanted to preserve the design.So I applied a generous coat of top coat every now and then.
For the first time I used the essence color and go No.25 glisten up
This polish belongs to the family of flake polishes,but compared to the other flake polishes I have seen on the internet,this one has only very little flakes.But it makes a great top coat over black polish.

I added some glitter with sponge and painted the star with acrylic paints.

Unfortunately the acrylic paints don't like be applied over quick dry polishes,because they tend to form cracks after a few hours.

There is also a little star-shaped rhinestone in the middle.


OMG check out this beautiful flake polish by Gosh
The greenish one is by Inglot and also very very beautiful.

And I have a question: Does anybody own the NYX single eyeshadow in Sunrise?
How is it?
Is it really red?



Caramel swirled carrot cupcakes


Marrying carrot cupcakes with caramel was certainly a risk,but it was worth it.The cuppycakes turned out very moist,delicious and well balanced.
For the caramel you will need to follow the recipe of the dulce de leche caramel.
You can also use caramel drops from the supermarket of course.

You need:
200 gr flour
40 gr whole grain flour
1/2 sweet apple (grated)
1 large carrot (grated)
100 gr ground walnuts
50 gr coarsely chopped walnuts
3 eggs
100 ml milk
100 ml olive oil
200 gr sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon pure vanilla essence

Mix all the ingredients with an electric mixer,fill into greased cup cake molds.
Add coarsely chopped caramel into each filled cup cake mold and bake for 20 min at 180-200 degree Celsius (Medium high-high heat)
Once again,if the batter is too runny,add flour,if it is too stiff,add milk.It is always good to have extra flour or milk in the kitchen when baking.


Mac Peacocky inspired make up

Hi dolls,

The last few days the Mac Peacocky make up image was haunting me.......And when something is haunting me,I have to find a way to let it out.

Usually I do smokey eyes,but I thought if the weather outside is gray and gloomy,I should go easy on the black and silver.

So here is the look:

I noticed something funny: Whenever I wear blue eyeshadow my eye color seems to be more of a gray than a blue-ish turquoise.



Tip of the day : Hungry Foundation/concealer Brushes

If your foundation/concealer brush 'eats' too much product,try applying some moisturizer with the brush on the back of your hand first.This way the bristles won't absorb your foundation or concealer and that means less product waste.

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils review + swatches+ comparison

Hi dolls,

I have tested the YSL faux cils mascara it was a gift

Packaging: The YSL mascara comes in the classic golden packaging.A metal tube with a YSL indentation.However there is also a little box with all the information printed on.It contains 0.2 fl.oz/ 7,5 ml and you can use it up for 6 months.
The brush is nothing average mascara brush.

The product: The mascara has a very thick and rich texture and it is perfumed.

What it promises: False lash effect

My 2 cents: Boy oh boy,where do I start? First of all this product is not cruelty free,which is one of the reasons I will not use it any further and give it to another family member who doesn't care.
I did a comparison to the pink essence multi action mascara.
The application is easy,because the brush is quite small and easy to handle,but it picks up quite a lot of product in the beginning.
I just can't wrap my head around the smell of the mascara.It is a bit floral and one thing is for sure:
I dislike smelling mascaras.
Another thing I don't like is,that when a bit mascara comes into your eyes (accidents happen,especially with a clumsy user) it burns a bit.
Other mascaras don't burn that badly,you blink and it's gone,but in order to make the stinginess of the YSL go away,you need to blink quite a bit.

The false lash effect is good,but nothing special,here is a picture with the essence multi action and the YSL in comparison:
Left : YSL (1)      Right: Essence multi action (2)
I like the curl that it gives the lashes,but I had a difficult time getting all my bottom lashes right.Given the fact that my lashes are quite long and heavy,it did a really good job.

But why paying so much money,if you can have the same effect with a 2,95 Euro mascara?

It lasts quite a long time and it is easy to remove.

-False lash effect
-long wearing
-holds the curl

-Packaging is tacky and it needs constant polishing because of evil fingerprints
-average brush

Conclusion: I don't need to add anything? Do I?



10 things

1.Did you ever beat up a phone? Well,our phone was randomly not working.So I started pressing random more buttons.......nothing.....screaming at the phone......nothing......slapping the buttons.....Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
2.The supermarket had a fabulous offer today: 68 cents for my favorite cookies.....*munch*
3.Animals are such a blessing!
4.Doing a fabulous product swap with a fabulous cyber friend!
5.I think I might have purchased a faulty nail polish it won't dry.I applied it this morning in order to do nail art later,but the polish is still slips and slides.It was on sale,so maybe it was expired.
6.Sometimes I wish for a 'shut up already' button on facebook.Especially for those people who try to be something they are not.It's weird how different they behave on fb than in real life.
7.Disgusting lady in the supermarket: While I was walking down the isles I was browsing the sweets,looking down my eyes caught something I probably won't forget the next few days.A lady in her 50's bending down exposing her buttock.Struggling not to loose my eye sight or die of uber-disgust she stands up straight and scratches it too.
8.Brioche with Nutella+Smarties in the Sandwich maker= YUMMMMMMMM
9.Kira is now vaccinated and flea free
10.Sopor Aeternus is almost the only band I listened to the last few days.The genious Anna Varney Cantodea has inspired me in such a intense way.It is indeed music for the "dead children and otherwise wounded souls" (Cantodea stated that)
Her fragile voice and the way she describes things in this amazing metaphoric way.


Step by step basic smokey eye

The basic smokey eye was the base for this look.Always start off with a moisturized and primed face.
1.Prime your eye lid,the crease ,the brow bone area and the outer lower lash line.

2.Apply a white or silver shimmer shadow in the inner corners and the 1/3 of your lid.No need for accuracy,because you will blend later

3.Apply a darker silver on the middle of the lid and the middle area of the lid.

4.Apply a black shadow in a V shape.Again no need for accuracy.

5.Blend the colors together with very light handed little strokes.

6.In a sweeping motion blend the upper part of your crease area with an eyeshadow color that is matte and close to your skin color.We don't want any harsh lines.

7 Highlight your brow area and inner corners,line your eyes and apply mascara


Swatches for the DIY Highlighter /Blush

Hi dolls
I added the swatchies <3

Chewy Caramel treats or a chewy version of dulce de leche

Hi hun-huns!

One of my most vivid childhood food memories is my grandma making caramel treats.They were sticky,chewy and full of flavor.
Those caramel treats are delicious,they don't need a ton of ingredients and you can use them for truffles,cakes,muffins,ice creams,toppings for pudding or homemade candy bars.

You need:
390 ml sweetened condensed milk
a dash of salt
a dash of vanilla sugar or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

a heat proof deep,small dish greased and dusted with cocoa powder
sprinkles for decoration,but they are not necessary

In a heavy bottom non stick pan bring the sweetened condensed milk and the other ingredients to a boil.Once it boils,lower the heat to medium.While constantly stirring with a wooden spatula and taking care that nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan,simmer the mixture for 10-15 minutes.Once the color changes from white to a light golden brown and the texture changes from liquid to a paste-like texture,you can transfer the mixture to your heat proof dish that you have greased and dusted with cocoa powder.
If you want you can sprinkle the caramel with sprinkles or cocoa powder.You may even cover it with chocolate.

Chill in the fridge for 2 hours then cut into bite sized pieces.
If you want to use your caramel for cakes or ice creams,you can cut it up into smaller pieces and store it in an air tight container for up to two weeks.

I topped some vanilla ice cream with these delicious little treats and it was a heavenly taste experience.

Dulce de leche is a spread which is very popular in south American countries.If you want a spread-able caramel,reduce the cooking time by 5 minutes.You may also add some toasted nuts.
Fill it in a jar and spread it on your bread!!
Dulce de leche is also a brilliant filling for cakes or swirled ice cream!


DIY Highlighter Blush (Mineral)

Hi dolls!

I had some mineral make up items (Blushes,Powders ,eyeshadow samples) that were almost empty and taking up a lot space.
And after 10++ years of make up,I haven't found the perfect highlighter yet.
Those are good reasons to do a little DIY make up session.

you need:
An empty essence concealer trio or any other empty make up pan
Mineral make up items mentioned above
rubbing alcohol
paper towel
little spatula aka screwdriver
clean hands or gloves!!!!!!!!
Mixing bowl (aka Chinese take out sweet n sour sauce container,washed and wiped with alcohol)

First you have to think what color you want.I wanted a highlighter with a 'glow' aka golden and silver shimmer mixed,a peachy blush and a rosy blush with golden shimmer.

Then you have to check your products for their finish,shimmer and color.
For example for my highlighter I used a champagne colored eyeshadow,a mineral powder that was too pink for my complexion and a tiny hint of golden shimmer.

Empty pan before rubbing it w/ alcohol

If any of your products are pressed,scrape some product off the surface with a flat tip screwdriver.

Highlighter ingredients

Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and mix until you have a paste like consistency.
Eww! Mixed with rubbing alcohol

Fill into your pan and lightly press with paper towel to push the product into the edges.Make sure there are no air-sockets/pockets.
Keep in a warm place for 30 minutes,then firmly press with a paper towel.

After drying for 30 minutes

Your DIY product will need several hours to dry.
The rubbing alcohol will evaporate,so no worries if you have sensitive skin,there will be no alcohol left in the product

And here are the swatches!



My current nail care heroes

Hi dolls!

When your nails are like mine,they need a lot of care in order to grow and become strong and resistant.

You will need to 'feed' your nails and cuticles at least 3 times a day.
So here is what I use and how I use it:
(If there is a review for the product,I will add a link)
1.Oriflame Hand & Nail cream: This is always close to my sink.I have to wash my hands quite a lot,because I have a lot of animals and I love to cook.And washing your hands with soap always removes some of the moisture.So after washing my hands,I apply the hand & nail cream,because it gets absorbed quite quickly. (Review)
2.Homemade lotion with Olive oil,almond oil,vitamin E-Oil, and a good baby moisturizer:
Usually I use this before going to bed or whenever I have to wear latex gloves.
3.Essence SOS nail care balm : This is always close to my desk,so I can apply it and do a quick cuticle massage (Review)
4.Essence Nail Oil: A relatively new product which is almost empty,but I already got 2 backups.It boosts the nail growth and keeps the cuticles soft and nourished.I use it as often as I can.
5.Essence Nail care pencil: This product is always in my purse.When I am out & about I can't walk around with greasy hands or apply nail oil during work.It contains vitamins,aloe vera,orange and essential oils.I am still testing it,but it moisturizes well and creates a protective layer.

What are your favorite Nail care products?


Prague and Belgium Haul

Hello dolls,

I looove edible/useful souvenirs! Stuff that just is for decoration purposes is not useful,it only collects a lot of dust.
I was sooo happy when I heard that some family members had brought me a little something from their trips to Prague and Belgium.

-Belgian chocolate truffles with different fillings...Do I have to mention that they are gone already?!
-YSL faux cils mascara
-Czech crystal nail file with Swarovski rhinestones
-Czech wafers from karolovy vary with healing mineral water of the Hot Spring Colonnade

 What are your favorite souvenirs?


Black and silver smokey eye

Hi dolls
Ugh! My plans for today were : Sweat pants,sweat shirt,no make up and a lot of puppy time....
Well then I was invited in one of my favorite Taverns......

In this case a silver and black smokey eye is always my go-to look.
Because my eyes were puffy and tired from a bad night sleep,I added matte white in the inner corners.
And when I was done and wanted to apply mascara,I remembered that my multi action from essence was empty....
I still had the waterproof lovie mascara,but it was almost empty too,so don't bother about the bad lash day :D

The food was amazing and I shamefully have to admit that I gobbled down a whole plate of Tzaziki by myself......Gotta love garlic <3....
So tonight I won't be bitten by vampires that's for sure........(I don't like Twilight fyi)

Huggies+Belgian chocolate truffles


Tip of the day: Oil treatments

When you are using any kind of oil for your skin/hair/nails ,you get better results when you warm up the oil.I place my little oil bottle in a cup of hot water for 3 minutes.That's the quickest way.
The texture of warm oil changes and penetrates the skin better.

Spicy chicken fingers


These chicken fingers are super quick and easy to make,they are quite spicy but if you prefer them not to be so spicy,just go easy on the chili and pepper.

You need

200 gr chicken breast
cornflakes (100 gr)
1 egg or
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon hot sauce
1 teaspoon honey
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon chili powder
150 ml oil (maybe need more),You can also use a deep fryer

Cut your chicken breast into stripes and set aside.In a blender add cornflakes,dried oregano,cayenne pepper,salt and chili powder.Blend until you have a crumb-like consistency.Put in a large bowl

In a bowl mix the egg,hot sauce,lemon juice and honey ,then whisk until smooth.
Cover the chicken breast with egg then transfer to the bowl with the corn-flake-crumb-spice-mix.

In a deep frying pan let 150 ml oil get hot or get your deep fryer going.Once the oil reaches frying temperature,drop the chicken in and fry until golden.


Puppy diary

Hi dolls

When I was walking our beautiful Mrs.Kira today I realized one thing:
It is good to have a dog again and there is nothing more beautiful than a early morning walk when the sun is rising.
Kira is such a smart dog and the training is really going well.
My previous dogs were stubborn and the training was rather hard,but Mrs.Kira learns everything so fast and you don't have to tell her twice what to do.

We really fell in love with this gigantic puppy!
Well now I feel that our little family is complete.......

At the beginning I was worried about her being a half Rottweiler,because Rotties have a bad reputation,but after some research those worries were eliminated.

Here is a little Video of her this morning!


Tip of the day : Citrus peel

The next time you eat mandarin,oranges or other citrus fruit,don't throw away the peel just yet.
Rub the colored side of the peel over your nails and cuticles.
Make sure to always use organic citrus fruit for this quick tip,because you don't want to feed your nails with pesticides.
The nourishing and moisturizing essential oils inside the peel will give your nails a nice shine and a fresh smell,also it is a growth booster.



I got some furry news!
So our newest family addition has a name! Kira.
She has a clean bill of health (except for the usual flea business and some minor wounds on the paws)
The vet said she is approximately 10 months old and definitely a German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix with 15 kilos of body weight.
Giving her a bath was a pleasure.She wasn't scared or hectic,she even liked the little massage.

Now that she is clean we had a huge cuddle session and I noticed she is still behaving like a puppy.....a huge puppy.
Her hunger for learning is amazing.Victoria Stilwell (The dog trainer from tv) would love her!
Walking her is also very amazing.....She is such a well behaved dog outside.

Some things still scare her and she still has to learn a lot,but she already won my heart over.
You just can't resist those puppy eyes.


Εssence Nail Oil review

Hi dolls

I have now tested the nail oil from essence for 2 weeks and a few days.
To my surprise this really cheap product works really well and keeps all it's promises.

Packaging: The nail oil comes in a glass tube with a doe-foot applicator.And the package holds 0,1 fl.oz./3,5 ml

What it promises:"Cares and revitalizes nails enhancing their growth." (Source: Tube)

The product: It is a nail oil and of course it is oily.The smell reminds me of citrus fruits.

My 2 cents: I was using Vitamin E-Oil or other natural oils before,but the essence nail oil is even better.
After the first week I noticed a boost in growth,then the dryness faded (although I was using pure acetone twice) and the cuticles are baby-smooth now.

Whenever I am wearing nail polish,I massage the cuticles with the oil.
On bare nails I apply a good amount,let it absorb for 10 minutes then I massage the whole nail and cuticle.

-Really enhances growth
-very moisturizing
-pleasant citrus smell
-doe foot applicator
-keeps all it's promises

-There could be a little more product XD



Simple cat eye with a hint of drama

Hi dolls,

Today was quite hectic,so there was not much time for make up.
I covered the whole lid and crease area with a thin layer of white eyeshadow.To re-define the crease I used a light gray.
Some quick eyeliner art and to round the look up,I applied some black shadow+a black gel eyeliner on the waterlines and the lower lash line.

And when I was done, the result wasn't dramatic enough.So the essence fairytale false lashes were glued on for their last use.



When you are not expecting anything.........A friendly being crosses your way

Hi dolls.

If somebody had told me this morning when I woke up,that by the end of the day I will be a dog owner,I probably would have laughed at this person.
Well life has the most weird surprises for us.

While returning from the pharmacy,I saw a medium sized dog somewhere near a mesh wire fence and I was ready to keep on walking.After further inspection I saw that the paw was caught in the wires.
So I ran home to get pliers,wire cutters and first aid items.

Thankfully the wire was rusty and easy to cut.To free the doggy entirely I had to lift it and noticed how heavy this dog was.
I said goodbye and walked back home.
But the little Mrs.Doggy followed me.

To be honest,at the beginning I didn't like the thought of keeping her,so I called the animal wellfare and several shelters.
"We have no room"
"We are not responsible,call your municipality"
So I called the municipality and "We are not responsible either"

Then I called a person who manages a animal shelter and she told us: "No room,and we had to euthanize a dog already because there was no room"

I couldn't stand the thought to surrender the dog to a place with a big possibility of euthanasia.

At least I got the lady from the shelter to help me with the cost of neutering her.
She is full of parasites,but that's common for stray dogs here in Greece.

We purchased food,leash and all that stuff you need for a dog.

But she is such a sweetheart.She pees herself when she is very very happy.She already learned to walk on a leash and where her blanket is.

For now she will be on the balcony.

I am open for any suggestions on possible breeds XD
Till now we are guessing German Shepherd with Bernese ??
And she still doesn't have a name :D



Tip of the day: Enhance tomato flavor

Some tomatoes can have a slightly watery taste.Especially when you buy tomatoes off season they lack the flavor essentials.

So when you are using a raw tomato for a salad or any other raw recipe,slice the tomato and drizzle with fresh lemon juice.Let the lemon juice sit for a while and then you will see the huge difference in the flavor.

Chocolate Junkie Exclusive

Hi dolls,

Once in a while you have to reward yourself with a little treat.In my case it's a large treat made out of all those good things like 2 kinds of chocolate,peanuts,corn flakes cereal and chewy caramel.
You need:
200 g white chocolate
200 g milk chocolate
2 1/2 hands full of corn flakes (may need more)
150 g full of coarsely chopped peanuts
+the ingredients for the caramel from the link
Optional: Sprinkles

wax paper

Medium sized square or rectangular shaped heat proof dish
For the caramel I followed a recipe I found online

Line your dish with non stick wax paper,but make sure to grease it well with butter and sprinkle the coarsely chopped peanuts on the bottom
Follow the instructions of the caramel,but instead of letting it cool,you mix it with the corn flakes.Pour the caramel cornflakes mixture into the dish.
Now melt the white chocolate and pour it over the caramel,do the same with the milk chocolate.If you wanna add smarties or sprinkles on top,go ahead!!!
Place in the fridge for 3-4 hours.Remove your treat from the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature in order to cut the treat into squares.



Fantasy forest Green Dramatic Eye Make up

Hi dolls

Today I did a little make up organization extravaganza.Spoiled/bad products got tossed (1 mascara,1 liquid eyeshadow,1 lip gloss)
Also cleaned and sanitized every make up item.
Phew it was a lot of work,but fighting the germs and organizing things is a great thing!

And digging out this green mono eyeshadow from essence was a great idea.
Here is the look:
A quite dramatic green smokey eye with a hint of gray in the outer V.
Both waterlines are lined with a lot of black gel liner.

For the lower lash line I used green eyeshadow on a brush with some mixing medium.
And as usual,there is some eyeliner art.Nothing too extreme.....just a tree 


Tuna Pasta Salad

Howdy dolls!

Since last night I was craving for this salad,so you can imagine my mood when I purchased the ingredients.
It's always so exciting to make something you are craving for.
This salad doesn't have any rules! You may add or remove things from the ingredient list.

3 portions of bow tie pasta (Boil until al dente,then rinse with plenty of cold water)
2 carrots (peeled,grated)
1/4 head of cabbage (chopped julienne)
1 tomato (remove seeds,slice)
1 red bell pepper (diced)
5 pickles (diced)
1-2 tablespoon chopped cilantro
1 spring onion (sliced)
100-120 gr cream cheese
the juice of 1/2 lemon
pepper salt
1 can of tuna (drained)

Your pasta should be boiled,rinsed and cooled.
In a large bowl mix the vegetables,the tuna,the cream cheese and the spices.Add the pasta and season again if needed.Mix well and chill for 1 hour.

It's pretty easy to do.You may add any vegetable you like.


Beauty Water / Spa Water

Hi dolls,

How many of you made the new years resolution to drink more water?
Well for me it's not a new years resolution,it's a all year resolution!Every day I got to remind myself to drink more water.
Currently I am drinking 1,5 liters of water ,which is not enough.
But just drinking water bores me!
So I've done some experiments on how to get a yummy,healthy drink that I can't get enough of.

You need :
2 liters of water
1 pomegranate or 70-100 ml of pure unsweetened pomegranate juice
2 bags of green tea (I used vanilla green tea)
the juice of 1/2 lemon
1 bag of sage tea
2 large plastic bottles
Bring 1 liter of water to a boil in a pot and add the tea bags.Remove from the fire and let the tea steep for 10 minutes.
Juice the pomegranate and filter the juice.
Add pomegranate juice and lemon juice to the pot.
Chill for 30 minutes,add the rest of the water (1 liter) and fill in plastic  bottles.

You can also make bigger batches and freeze the plastic bottles.

I don't have to tell you about the benefits right? Anti-Age,Anti wrinkle,Vitamins,water..........



Piggy Pig Pig Nail Art Design

Hi dolls,

The bunnies had to go! They were evil little creature paired with sloppiness.
When you put so much time and detail into something,little imperfections can drive you to the verge of a nervous break down.(Well not that bad of course,but you feel like :"Dang!")
So today there was plenty of time,patience and good mood.
Cute little pigs make me go eeeeek,because hey,they are cute....why not create a nail design?!
During the process of applying 1 layer nail hardener,1 layer base coat,background color,grass color no.1 and no.2,sponged clouds,pigs body,feet,ears,noses,eyes,nose whole,hearts and dots the essence express dry drops turned out to be a huge blessing.Without that amazing product,I still wouldn't be able to type without messing up the mani.

The only things missing in the picture are two layers of top coat and a clean up XD



10 cooking things ....

1.Cooking for people I care about is one of my favorite things to do.
2.Had a good laugh at Marco Pierre White,who is now advertising for a company that sells instant broth/stock/soups.Rubbing a steak with a instant broth cube is a very chef-y thing to do.Mhhhh all those artificial flavors in those cubes must have messed with his mind.
3.The very first thing I cooked was a pasta with canned tuna and tomato sauce.My mother was soo angry because there was tomato sauce all over the stove,but she liked it.
4.The reason why I started to cook was pure desperation.When both of your parents work and they leave you a can of soup or ravioli every day for years,you get sick of it.In fact I still don't like ravioli stuffed with meat.
5.My grandma was the best cook in our family.She made those amazing things that left us all speechless every time.She realized that I am somehow interested in cooking and so she taught me the basics.Also she was the person who took me to my first visit to a Chinese restaurant.
6.My way of saying thank you to a person,is usually with truffles or a cake......
7.I collect random cooking related funny quotes on my fridge.
8.At the moment I have a huge passion for noodles+broth.It's so easy,simple,cheap and yummy.
9.My ultimate culinary dream is to eat at one of Gordon Ramsays' restaurants.But on the other hand spending that much money on food might be a huge regret .I don't have a lot of fine-dining experience,so maybe the food is brilliant and worth it's money,but I always fear that I will leave the fine dining restaurant hungry......
10.I don't like to talk a lot while I am cooking,because it's just me and the food.


Dramatic Gothic Sunset Eye Make up

Hi dolls,

Gaaah! I was going with no make up the last few days,because I simply was too lazy.But today I woke up and I felt the urge for dramatic colors and all that fancy stuff.
So here is the look:

What make up looks do you create,when you need some serious drama??


600th post : My favorite mysterious lipstick

Hi dolls!
600 posts.......yay I am a spammer.

In spring I had purchased a magazine that had the Rilken Cromatics lipstick as a gift.From that day on it became my best friend.
Mr.Rilken stays for at least 3 hours and once you apply it,your lips absorb it and the finish turns to a matte finish.
If you don't eat greasy things or make out with somebody,the lippie won't disappoint you.
Especially the way it fades is special.You don't have to worry about weird looking lips.

The bad part is: I can't find any info whatsoever on where to re-purchase the product......



Bunny Nail Art [EPIC FAIL]....or never do nail art when you are frustrated!

Hi dolls,

I managed to create a monster! Frankenstein Bunnies to be exact!
You know those days where you feel like you need to kick a tree or punch a cactus?
Frustration is such a bad thing!
I had a not so brilliant theory to stop the frustration....Surrounding myself with things I love.
So I grabbed the nail art box and started,and it went good until I had to draw the bunnies with the nail art pen....
-Spilled white nail polish over my ring
-the bunnies looked so weird,I had to add a second layer of white at some spots
-forgot to let the first coat of white dry completely......
-once eyes and belly were painted onto the bunny,I assumed the white was dry
-Fingerprint on wet polish *YaY*
-Wearing headphones and being so concentrated on fixing a boo boo until a chinchilla approaches me from the back and scares the hell out of me.
-Indentation!!!!!! From the ring on my right hand thumb!

So I didn't even put on a top coat,just removed the whole thing and applied nail hardener.

But tomorrow will be a new day!


Tip of the day: Nail Treatments

There are tons of nail treatments out there on the market: Polishes,balms,oils creams,serums and butters.In order for them to work better, clean the surface of the nail with a fine file and light-handed motions.You just unseal the surface and remove nail polish residue,dead cells and pollution.
Using this method your nails will be able to absorb all the good ingredients of the nail treatments to a maximum.
Also using a hand & cuticle scrub made of baking soda and lemon juice before applying the treatments will boost the effect even more.


Vegetarian soy mini burger patties

Hello dolls,

Hope you are having a wonderful day!
I recently came across soy crumble/soy minced meat and it somehow became one of my favorite ingredients.
Those patties were really yummy and I ate the whole batch I made :X They are a great alternative.

You need:
150 gr soy crumbles/soy minced meat/soy ground beef
1 small carrot
1 small shallot
1/2 bell pepper
a bit fresh parsley
1/2 stalk celery
1 tablespoon powdered instant vegetable stock
100-200 ml water
1 egg(separate yolk and white)
100 gr bread crumbs(you might not need all of the 100 g)
pepper,salt,paprika spice,a dash of cinnamon
Olive oil

First you want to put all the vegetables in a blender in order to achieve super finely chopped vegetables.
In a medium sized microwave safe bowl add the soy crumbles,the finely chopped veg and the powdered vegetable stock.Add water little by little until the mixture is saturated with water,but not swimming in water.
Place the bowl in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (until the majority of the water has been soaked up/evaporated).
Let the mixture cool down a bit.
Add the spices and be generous with the paprika.You might not need any salt depending on how salty your instant vegetable stock is.
Add the egg white and a small amount of breadcrumbs and knead.
If the mixture is too dry,add the yolk,If the mixture is too wet to shape,add more breadcrumbs.
I used about 40-50 gr breadcrumbs.Let the mixture rest for 20 minutes and then you are ready to shape little patties.Fry the patties in a non stick pan until golden brown (medium to medium high heat) or bake the patties in the oven for 12 minutes.
Serve them either with a dip or in a burger.

In case you wonder what the other things on my plate are: Vegetable loaded mashed potatoes.
I boiled white cabbage,fennel,spinach,carrots,bell peppers and some celery and in a separate pot I boiled potatoes.Both pots are combined and mashed with plenty of tofutti cream cheese and some margarine.

Then there are Greek Peppers and some more cream cheese.

Chinchillachannel258,who gobbled down about 20 mini patties (*Shame*)
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