Bunny Nail Art [EPIC FAIL]....or never do nail art when you are frustrated!

Hi dolls,

I managed to create a monster! Frankenstein Bunnies to be exact!
You know those days where you feel like you need to kick a tree or punch a cactus?
Frustration is such a bad thing!
I had a not so brilliant theory to stop the frustration....Surrounding myself with things I love.
So I grabbed the nail art box and started,and it went good until I had to draw the bunnies with the nail art pen....
-Spilled white nail polish over my ring
-the bunnies looked so weird,I had to add a second layer of white at some spots
-forgot to let the first coat of white dry completely......
-once eyes and belly were painted onto the bunny,I assumed the white was dry
-Fingerprint on wet polish *YaY*
-Wearing headphones and being so concentrated on fixing a boo boo until a chinchilla approaches me from the back and scares the hell out of me.
-Indentation!!!!!! From the ring on my right hand thumb!

So I didn't even put on a top coat,just removed the whole thing and applied nail hardener.

But tomorrow will be a new day!



  1. Anonymous23:47

    also ich find die voll süß :D

  2. XD Ich finds grausam,die sehen leicht psycho aus XD

  3. It's not a fail at all!!!They're really so cute!And I can't see anything bad with them!I actually admire you because you were able to make these!

  4. I agree with Ria, even with very good mood, I won't be able to do bunny nail art. You are very skillful

  5. Thank you pepper,
    Well I wasn't happy with the results because I know I can work less sloppy.
    Thanks for stopping by <3


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