Getting back in shape

Hi dolls,

I hate diets because I am a foodie.So all this no-carb-no-this-no-that stuff is not going to work for me.
But lately my eating habits were pretty bad: Late night chocolate munching,a lot of salted peanuts and tons of cookies.
And since the only scale in my house is a food scale,I didn't realize how much weight I put on.
5 kilos in a few weeks......
The first step was to cut cola and all his cousins.It's sooo full of sugar and other stuff that nobody needs.
Cutting this bad habit was a great decision,because it feels so great.The first days were difficult....of course,because cola has quite a bit of caffeine and the body gets used to it.
That was the first step.

Cardio-work out is step number 2.I can't go jogging due to a problem in my knees,but I can walk!
The mini-town I live in is perfect for walks.....3-4 times a week for 2 hours.And now that summer is here,the sea will be my best workout buddy.

Till now it's working great.
And today I started the hardest part....step number 3: Not eating after 8:30 pm.
This has worked well in the past.
If I eat a small salad or some fruit at 8:15 I am fine and won't be hungry till I go to bed.

And to support good health during this process,I will take grapeseed extract supplement and mix 200 ml of red grapefruit with 1,3 liters of water.
One bottle of this+ one (1.5 liter) bottle of plain water+all the tea that I consume

This 'method' worked well for me last year,because it's not too extreme.If I wouldn't have those munch-attacks at night,there would be no extra 5 kilos of muffin top.
And I drink the grapefruit water at night,so my taste buds have something to do,but I really like grapefruit so it could be much worse.

Let's see how much time will pass,until I am back to normal.
And no,it's not the end of the world if you gain weight.With any kind of extreme diet,I could loose them in a  few days,but the healthy and slow way is better.

But I am not a doctor! You should always consult a specialist before making drastic changes in your diet/nutrition.

Do you have any secrets for getting back in shape?

Huggies and Good Night


  1. I hate diets... A friend of mine said that is useful eating slowly. in this way you will perceive satiety before than usually

  2. Best of luck on achieving your goals! I think it sounds like you have a healthy approach planned out. Also I've found that eating several small meals helps me maintain my weight. It makes it much easier to eat just enough and not binge until I'm overly-full, because I never get to the point of feeling starved in between.

    My true weakness is bedtime snack. It's a totally terrible habit, but I become almost obsessive about it if I try to resist it. Still not sure how to get past that, but I have learned to eat a lighter dinner so that I have a few calories left in the bank to spend at bedtime. ;)

  3. I wish I had some tips, but I don't :( I cut out all carbonated beverages in February. That was a big help to me. Not that I was trying to loose weight. I find that I don't put restrictions on food, because if I do I will want it more. I'm lucky because my job is very physical. I get hard exercise multiple times a week. And that has been my biggest thing to maintain a healthy weight! Good luck!

  4. I have never been on a diet, but the secret is just not to go hungry. I don't diet because my weight yo-yos very naturally. Since moving, I've put on ten kilos. Bringing me to a grand total of 56kg. x3 I don't mind being slightly heavier, and besides, people on the overweight side of optimum are healthier. (Fat is an excellent storer of toxins, and would you rather the poison be in your heart or your ass?)

  5. I don't like diets too. Actually, I don't believe in diets, I prefer eating and working out. The last 3 years I've put on weight because I don't have time to work out but I plan to change it as soon as I finish Uni. Best of luck with your goals hun, walking and swimming are the best!

  6. Anonymous19:44

    You're not alone...
    5 kg for me, too, in 1.5 yrs. :(
    But things are so busy and scary at the moment I just can't stop eating cookies and tortilla chips. :(
    I plan on joining a gym in Fall.

  7. @Lilith: Yes slow eating helps a lot.
    @Victorian Kitty: Thanks hun.I totally agree with the small meals,but this damn nighttime chocolate cravings are responsible for Mr.Muffin top *lol* So I can understand your bed time snack habit 100%
    @Peach: Yes your job requires some serious strength,I admire you for that.Cutting out carbonated stuff makes such a difference
    @Kitty:Haha,so the belly fat is useful for something at least.
    @Natalie : I don't like gyms.I can't get used to the fact that people can see me sweating,struggling,red headed.
    Good luck for the Gym my dear
    @Sal: Yeah sadness and stress don't help.


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