My current nail care heroes

Hi dolls!

When your nails are like mine,they need a lot of care in order to grow and become strong and resistant.

You will need to 'feed' your nails and cuticles at least 3 times a day.
So here is what I use and how I use it:
(If there is a review for the product,I will add a link)
1.Oriflame Hand & Nail cream: This is always close to my sink.I have to wash my hands quite a lot,because I have a lot of animals and I love to cook.And washing your hands with soap always removes some of the moisture.So after washing my hands,I apply the hand & nail cream,because it gets absorbed quite quickly. (Review)
2.Homemade lotion with Olive oil,almond oil,vitamin E-Oil, and a good baby moisturizer:
Usually I use this before going to bed or whenever I have to wear latex gloves.
3.Essence SOS nail care balm : This is always close to my desk,so I can apply it and do a quick cuticle massage (Review)
4.Essence Nail Oil: A relatively new product which is almost empty,but I already got 2 backups.It boosts the nail growth and keeps the cuticles soft and nourished.I use it as often as I can.
5.Essence Nail care pencil: This product is always in my purse.When I am out & about I can't walk around with greasy hands or apply nail oil during work.It contains vitamins,aloe vera,orange and essential oils.I am still testing it,but it moisturizes well and creates a protective layer.

What are your favorite Nail care products?



  1. My faves are Boots Lavender Cuticle Oil, Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Oil & Banana Hand Cream :)

  2. I'll send you a pm at essence forum about the Oriflame cream :)


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