Little Star Nail Art Design

Or how I forgot to take a picture when I did the mani......

Hi dolls,

The last few days were quite busy,so I completely forgot to take a picture of Tuesday's nail art design I did.
And that is also the reason I wear about 3 coats of topcoat,because of being busy,I wanted to preserve the design.So I applied a generous coat of top coat every now and then.
For the first time I used the essence color and go No.25 glisten up
This polish belongs to the family of flake polishes,but compared to the other flake polishes I have seen on the internet,this one has only very little flakes.But it makes a great top coat over black polish.

I added some glitter with sponge and painted the star with acrylic paints.

Unfortunately the acrylic paints don't like be applied over quick dry polishes,because they tend to form cracks after a few hours.

There is also a little star-shaped rhinestone in the middle.


OMG check out this beautiful flake polish by Gosh
The greenish one is by Inglot and also very very beautiful.

And I have a question: Does anybody own the NYX single eyeshadow in Sunrise?
How is it?
Is it really red?



  1. Very cute stars! You do awesome nail art! And sorry, don't own NYX Sunrise, so I don't know.

  2. I love this!! I really love your blog... check out my contest and enter!

  3. Pretty mani, I like the colours! Try the glisten up on top of dark blue polish too. Oh, the Gosh polish looks so wow! I don't own any NYX cosmetics but I'm thinking about ordering some, jumbo eye pencils, cream blushes and round lipsticks. Any recommendations?

  4. Nyx has a great HD Foundation,which I ordered and their jumbo pencils of course are really good.
    But they also have the most amazing loose powder.
    I used to have a cream blush,but they make me break out.


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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