A bath in the mud and other horrors

Hi Dolls

I am sure you know those days where everything goes wrong.
The day started pretty normal until I wanted to make a cup of tea.....MY holy mug has now a crack,because it slipped out of my hands.It didn't fall down on the floor,but it landed in my sink which is a very old marble sink.
Then I went out to go to the pharmacy where I ordered something I really needed...a kind of cast for the knee,but the faking idiots delivered it in extra small.Thank you so much for that! Now I have to wait till next week.Thank you again for that.I will probably be a zen master of enduring pain till then.

It had rained really bad the night before and given the fact that most Greek roads are poorly designed and built the whole place was a muddy mess.
Another fact about Greece is,that most drivers are MALAKES (wankers) who only care about their own butt,because they drive a big ass jeep.The people that are not malakes,are either elderly or women who failed at their drivers license test for the tenth time,but paid a little extra to get their license anyway.

Back to the assholes in the jeeps: When the whole road is muddy and people are walking on the sidewalk you don't go fast right? We don't wanna splash those pedestrians.
Nope...................................This asshole in the Jeep probably saw me and said :"Mhhh this girl needs some trendy taupe colored splashes of mud on her" And he drove by me with high speed.
I had two options: Jump down in some random field and maybe break my leg or get a muddy make over.
He splashed me of course,but he had the guts to stop and ask if he could pay for cleaning my clothes.
Well....he should have kept on driving.
I never knew I could cuss like a pirate.Wow.The use of various f-words is normal,but I discovered a whole new level of cussing and raising my voice.

So I went home and on my way I stopped at a coffee shop to drown my pain in fresh orange juice with carrot and mango.
That went well.
While walking home and sipping my juice,I slipped and my other leg which was fine is now hurting too.

If I were a superstitious person,I would blame it on the two all black kitten.
But I guess it was just one of those days.I am not gonna do anything until this day ends,because I might end up causing more chaos......................................

Thank god it will be over soon.

Remember the contest

The only good thing is that my essence package arrived yesterday,but I still need to pick it up.
Can't wait to open it <3 Thx Cosma



  1. Anonymous13:35

    ach herrje du arme, so ein scheiss-tag. aber: schwarze katzen können da nix für, katzen bringen NIE unglück, sondern nur glück :)

  2. Haha ein Glueck ist der Tag vorbei :)


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