Εssence Nail Oil review

Hi dolls

I have now tested the nail oil from essence for 2 weeks and a few days.
To my surprise this really cheap product works really well and keeps all it's promises.

Packaging: The nail oil comes in a glass tube with a doe-foot applicator.And the package holds 0,1 fl.oz./3,5 ml

What it promises:"Cares and revitalizes nails enhancing their growth." (Source: Tube)

The product: It is a nail oil and of course it is oily.The smell reminds me of citrus fruits.

My 2 cents: I was using Vitamin E-Oil or other natural oils before,but the essence nail oil is even better.
After the first week I noticed a boost in growth,then the dryness faded (although I was using pure acetone twice) and the cuticles are baby-smooth now.

Whenever I am wearing nail polish,I massage the cuticles with the oil.
On bare nails I apply a good amount,let it absorb for 10 minutes then I massage the whole nail and cuticle.

-Really enhances growth
-very moisturizing
-pleasant citrus smell
-doe foot applicator
-keeps all it's promises

-There could be a little more product XD



  1. Danke für den tipp, landet beim nächsten dm Besuch ins Körbchen :)

  2. There is also the 'nail & cuticle oil' from essence, I've used like 3 bottles of it. It's 9ml, clear liquid with blue "thingies" and a nail polish brush. Have you tried it? Which one is better?

  3. @Eriinnye : Ist wirklich empfehlenswert das Zeug! LG
    @Natalie: Have never used the oil you are talking about.


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