Oriflame Hand & Nail Cream with Revitalizing Apricot &White Tea review.

Hi dolls!

Now that the Christmas Cooking Craziness is over,I was looking for a new hand& nail cream that will help me grow my nails again.
While browsing through the Greek Magazines (which happen to have fabulous gifts sometimes) I found the amazing Oriflame Hand and Nail cream,which usually retails for 11 Euros.

Packaging: The cream comes in an orange squeezy tube with a transparent cap.It contains 75 ml and you can use it up to 12 months. (Sadly I can't read the back of the package,because it is in Russian)

The product: The hand and nail cream has a very smooth,quickly melting texture with a lot of moisture in it.Especially the smell is wonderful: Fruity notes of apricot and a slight white tea aroma.The product gets absorbed by the skin and cuticles really quickly.

My 2 cents: I love the smell,once you have massaged the cream into hands and cuticles,you are surrounded by a cloud of apricot heaven.After using the cream now for a little over a week I can see a clear difference in my hands and nails.
Usually my hands get very dry after washing them a lot of times during cooking.And a dry hand can't grow a healthy nail,so I am very pleased with the result.The moisture gets somehow locked into the skin and it lasts for many hours without leaving any greasiness on the hands.

Paired with a good olive oil and the essence nail balm this stuff is a really good for the nails.

-non greasy
-sinks in the skin quickly
-nourishes nails
-stimulates growth
-amazing smell

-Melts very quickly,so you gotta be fast to massage it in your hands
-Can't read the label

I really like this stuff and I regret that I didn't buy a back up.I would buy it again,but it retails for 11 Euro and I don't want to spend that much on a hand cream.



  1. hey Liebchen !!!!!! happy good yeaaaar !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i wish you the best for your new job too !!!!


  2. ohoh...much money for a handcream!

  3. AWESOME!!!

    my pham oriflame


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