Black and silver smokey eye

Hi dolls
Ugh! My plans for today were : Sweat pants,sweat shirt,no make up and a lot of puppy time....
Well then I was invited in one of my favorite Taverns......

In this case a silver and black smokey eye is always my go-to look.
Because my eyes were puffy and tired from a bad night sleep,I added matte white in the inner corners.
And when I was done and wanted to apply mascara,I remembered that my multi action from essence was empty....
I still had the waterproof lovie mascara,but it was almost empty too,so don't bother about the bad lash day :D

The food was amazing and I shamefully have to admit that I gobbled down a whole plate of Tzaziki by myself......Gotta love garlic <3....
So tonight I won't be bitten by vampires that's for sure........(I don't like Twilight fyi)

Huggies+Belgian chocolate truffles


  1. The pansies in Tw*l***t aren't vampires anyway. I've been reading your blog for a while and I love your make-up it's always very pretty. Also your new dog is very cute.

  2. Pretty as always! You do such a great job on the smokey eye! And the eyeliner art is so fun!

  3. @Miss Mulli: Agree about twilight!Thank you for stopping by my dear!
    @Peach:Thanks hun hun <3

    Huggies 2 you both

  4. I can't stand Twilight too. I can't even read past the first 3

    I wish I can do smokey eyes like you do. ^_^

  5. Mhh maybe I should post a step by step smokey eye!
    Twilight is the worst Vampire stuff I have ever read/watched.


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