10 cooking things ....

1.Cooking for people I care about is one of my favorite things to do.
2.Had a good laugh at Marco Pierre White,who is now advertising for a company that sells instant broth/stock/soups.Rubbing a steak with a instant broth cube is a very chef-y thing to do.Mhhhh all those artificial flavors in those cubes must have messed with his mind.
3.The very first thing I cooked was a pasta with canned tuna and tomato sauce.My mother was soo angry because there was tomato sauce all over the stove,but she liked it.
4.The reason why I started to cook was pure desperation.When both of your parents work and they leave you a can of soup or ravioli every day for years,you get sick of it.In fact I still don't like ravioli stuffed with meat.
5.My grandma was the best cook in our family.She made those amazing things that left us all speechless every time.She realized that I am somehow interested in cooking and so she taught me the basics.Also she was the person who took me to my first visit to a Chinese restaurant.
6.My way of saying thank you to a person,is usually with truffles or a cake......
7.I collect random cooking related funny quotes on my fridge.
8.At the moment I have a huge passion for noodles+broth.It's so easy,simple,cheap and yummy.
9.My ultimate culinary dream is to eat at one of Gordon Ramsays' restaurants.But on the other hand spending that much money on food might be a huge regret .I don't have a lot of fine-dining experience,so maybe the food is brilliant and worth it's money,but I always fear that I will leave the fine dining restaurant hungry......
10.I don't like to talk a lot while I am cooking,because it's just me and the food.

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