When you are not expecting anything.........A friendly being crosses your way

Hi dolls.

If somebody had told me this morning when I woke up,that by the end of the day I will be a dog owner,I probably would have laughed at this person.
Well life has the most weird surprises for us.

While returning from the pharmacy,I saw a medium sized dog somewhere near a mesh wire fence and I was ready to keep on walking.After further inspection I saw that the paw was caught in the wires.
So I ran home to get pliers,wire cutters and first aid items.

Thankfully the wire was rusty and easy to cut.To free the doggy entirely I had to lift it and noticed how heavy this dog was.
I said goodbye and walked back home.
But the little Mrs.Doggy followed me.

To be honest,at the beginning I didn't like the thought of keeping her,so I called the animal wellfare and several shelters.
"We have no room"
"We are not responsible,call your municipality"
So I called the municipality and "We are not responsible either"

Then I called a person who manages a animal shelter and she told us: "No room,and we had to euthanize a dog already because there was no room"

I couldn't stand the thought to surrender the dog to a place with a big possibility of euthanasia.

At least I got the lady from the shelter to help me with the cost of neutering her.
She is full of parasites,but that's common for stray dogs here in Greece.

We purchased food,leash and all that stuff you need for a dog.

But she is such a sweetheart.She pees herself when she is very very happy.She already learned to walk on a leash and where her blanket is.

For now she will be on the balcony.

I am open for any suggestions on possible breeds XD
Till now we are guessing German Shepherd with Bernese ??
And she still doesn't have a name :D



  1. Awwwww! She's adorable! She's a very lucky doggy :D
    I can't think of any great names but looks like a Lily to me :P Our puppy pees herself when she's happy too XD xxx

  2. Oh my, you are so kind. For about 10 years, my family occasionally adopted stray cats that we found in various places, in my dad's case, the grocery shop near our house. It's very rewarding to take care of stray animal because they seem to be very grateful of what you did. I love my cats and I'm so jealous of of you because you can keep dog, I can't. The dog look charming, I would love to hug her.

  3. @Skelly: Lily will go on the list :D
    Thanks for the suggestions

    @Pepper: I also have a few stray cats here.The dog is still young and she didn't go after the kitteys so far.
    Yeah stray animals are very special,because they have a charm that nobody can resist.
    And once they are washed and groomed....The cuddling can begin :D

  4. Oh my gosh, so cute! I'm glad this story had a happy ending for you both

  5. Awwwww..... what a cutie! I would have definitely taken her with me and gave her a home! What a great did you did! And I would also guess German Shepherd or Rottweiler.

  6. What a cute doggy! I got one of my kitties this summer because he was a stray and just kept coming into our house :P

  7. Anonymous05:50

    You should name it "Drajl"<3

  8. Thank you Grace,Peach,Heather and Deadly for the name suggestions and the help on finding out her breed.

    She definitely has some Rottweiler in her :D

    Thank youuuu!

  9. Anonymous16:13

    ach, du bist soooo toll <3 wenn es bloß mehr solche menschen wie dich geben würde!!! ich freue mich so für hundi, dass du sie gefunden hast und nicht jemand anders!


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