Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops Review


So my beloved OPI Drip dry that I got for last Christmas were finished.*Cry*
Without those drops it is a pain to dry nail art,especially when there are more than two layers.
I went to the beauty store to get something similar and thank god for essence.I once had bought their quick dry spray,but it gave me a headache,so I gave it to a friend.To be honest I was a bit worried,but the drops turned out way better than I thought.

Packaging: The Nail Art Express Dry Drops come in a clear glass bottle with a black pipette top.It contains 0.27 fl.oz/8 ml of product and you can use it for 30 months.

What it promises:"Dries your nailpolish within 60 seconds:apply 1-2 express drops to your freshly polished nails"(Source: Bottle)

The product: The express dry drops is a clear liquid with a kind of oily touch.Once you apply it to your nails,it spreads and later evaporates.Thank god it doesn't smell as bad as the OPI one!
Although the drops seem to be very oily at first,once they have done their magic,they disappear.

My 2 cents: For 2 Euro and some cents this product rules!Especially when I am doing nail art with many layers or when I have to seal rhinestones those drops save me a lot of time.
They dry a single layer in 60 seconds,but when there are 3 or more layers it takes a bit.
Anyway,Instead of waiting 1 hour for the nail art to dry,it takes only 20 minutes.
And I am sure you all have experienced this: You did your nails at night and thought they were completely dry,then the next morning you have pillow imprints.
My Santa Clause Nail Art  was done at 9 o'clock in the evening and with the drops there were no pillow imprints what so ever.

-Dries nail polish very quickly
-almost odor less
-convenient package
-essential for nail art

Conclusion: These drops are my new bff.Since the OPI drops are rediculously expensive I am saving a lot of money.
I will definitely stock up on those drops,especially for clients.



  1. Very helpful review! The pillow imprints are my nightmare so I'll def try the drops!

  2. Hun,they are totally worth it!
    Thanks for stopping by
    filakia x0x0


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