Essence and Beauty Line Cosmetics Haul + swatches


I kind of forgot about this one! A week or two ago there was this little sale.
I got :
Essence stay natural concealer in 03 soft nude
Essence color & go 25 glisten up
Essence Nail Art Nail Polish Remover
Beauty Line Cosmetics Terracotta eyeshadow in 008 (intense green)
Beauty Line Cosmetics Compact Blush in 011

Eyeshadow and Blush swatches in sunlight and shadow

I didn't realize that the color and go polish is a flaky/flakie polish with super thin holographic flakes inside.It makes a great top coat.The polish remover is amazing! I usually use the supermarket brand ones for 40 cent.And I was just so sick of having a hard time removing rhinestones and chunky glitter.This remover paired with a piece of felt removes everything,including stains on the nails O.o

I love those little magic moments when a product works amazingly well.

The eyeshadow is also very great.I am going to get the purple one too! I am wearing it in the green envy make up.Unfortunately the camera doesn't pick up the 3 dimensional effect it has.
The blush is a perfect rosy red with a hint of shimmer.I realized my blushes were all super shimmery and I was sick of that.
This one is very pigmented and beautiful.I usually wear cold toned blushes in the rose-pastel-pink color family,but now that I use color corrector in my foundation(bb cream) to make it as cold tones as possible,I needed a warm toned blush.

As usual,the products will be thoroughly tested!!!

Have a great day !

Stay happy and healthy!



  1. Looks like a great haul! The polish looks awesome! And its always so nice to find a new product that works well like the polish remover!


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