Mac Peacocky inspired make up

Hi dolls,

The last few days the Mac Peacocky make up image was haunting me.......And when something is haunting me,I have to find a way to let it out.

Usually I do smokey eyes,but I thought if the weather outside is gray and gloomy,I should go easy on the black and silver.

So here is the look:

I noticed something funny: Whenever I wear blue eyeshadow my eye color seems to be more of a gray than a blue-ish turquoise.



  1. Oh I absolutely adore this one!! so pretty! Pity blue doensn't suit me because the color is incredible! Blue brings out the grey in eyes, as grey eyeshadow make the blue burst out at you!

  2. Love the look ;) I'd kill for your eye color! haha <3

  3. Very pretty! Love the colors you used! And I agree, the blue shadow does make your eyes look more grey. But they are still beautiful as ever!

  4. Thank you Peachyyyyy <3


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