I got some furry news!
So our newest family addition has a name! Kira.
She has a clean bill of health (except for the usual flea business and some minor wounds on the paws)
The vet said she is approximately 10 months old and definitely a German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix with 15 kilos of body weight.
Giving her a bath was a pleasure.She wasn't scared or hectic,she even liked the little massage.

Now that she is clean we had a huge cuddle session and I noticed she is still behaving like a puppy.....a huge puppy.
Her hunger for learning is amazing.Victoria Stilwell (The dog trainer from tv) would love her!
Walking her is also very amazing.....She is such a well behaved dog outside.

Some things still scare her and she still has to learn a lot,but she already won my heart over.
You just can't resist those puppy eyes.



  1. awh what a cutee dog :D Our little doggie was also stray one day but now she's all ours :D and my oh my is she spoiled :D

  2. Stray animals are the best!
    Thanks for stopping by

  3. What a sweet girl! She is lucky you found her!

  4. AWWW HOW CUTE!! You can see she's still a puppy. Sweet looking thing. Lovely name you chose as well. Does it mean anything? It's always lovely having animals around. Both of you are lucky to have found each other. Am so happy for you! (I own a dog, and know the pleasures of owning one) You're gonna have loads of fun seeing her grow up. Hugs to both of you!

  5. Anonymous23:01

    sooo süß! verträgt sie sihc mit den katzis? du bist echt lieb.

  6. Hello Kira. Beautiful name. I want to cuddle with her too! She's so lovely.

  7. She sounds like such a sweetie :D

  8. sweet Kira!!!!

    come for a visit to my blog.....and sign as follower I'll do back


  9. What a cute puppy!

  10. She is sweet and pretty! Huggs to both of you!


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