YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils review + swatches+ comparison

Hi dolls,

I have tested the YSL faux cils mascara it was a gift

Packaging: The YSL mascara comes in the classic golden packaging.A metal tube with a YSL indentation.However there is also a little box with all the information printed on.It contains 0.2 fl.oz/ 7,5 ml and you can use it up for 6 months.
The brush is nothing average mascara brush.

The product: The mascara has a very thick and rich texture and it is perfumed.

What it promises: False lash effect

My 2 cents: Boy oh boy,where do I start? First of all this product is not cruelty free,which is one of the reasons I will not use it any further and give it to another family member who doesn't care.
I did a comparison to the pink essence multi action mascara.
The application is easy,because the brush is quite small and easy to handle,but it picks up quite a lot of product in the beginning.
I just can't wrap my head around the smell of the mascara.It is a bit floral and one thing is for sure:
I dislike smelling mascaras.
Another thing I don't like is,that when a bit mascara comes into your eyes (accidents happen,especially with a clumsy user) it burns a bit.
Other mascaras don't burn that badly,you blink and it's gone,but in order to make the stinginess of the YSL go away,you need to blink quite a bit.

The false lash effect is good,but nothing special,here is a picture with the essence multi action and the YSL in comparison:
Left : YSL (1)      Right: Essence multi action (2)
I like the curl that it gives the lashes,but I had a difficult time getting all my bottom lashes right.Given the fact that my lashes are quite long and heavy,it did a really good job.

But why paying so much money,if you can have the same effect with a 2,95 Euro mascara?

It lasts quite a long time and it is easy to remove.

-False lash effect
-long wearing
-holds the curl

-Packaging is tacky and it needs constant polishing because of evil fingerprints
-average brush

Conclusion: I don't need to add anything? Do I?



  1. Thanks for posting this.. :)
    it is indeed very helpful, everyone keeps raving about it and I just don't see the big deal. PS. Your lashes are sooo gorgeous, I wish mine looked like that x

  2. It is waste of money in my opinion.
    Thanks for stopping by my dear!

  3. Wow, tolle Wimpern.

    Vielen lieben Dank zu dem Link mit den Frostings. Das speicher ich schnell mal ab und morgen kaufe ich ein und versuche es mal :)

  4. why buy an expensive mascara when drugstore mascara is cheaper but does the same thing? Great review

  5. No wonder all your EOTD looks awesome, you have amazing eyes to begin with :)

  6. @ Tink : Kein Problem :D
    @DeyiMizu: Yup,that's my point.Drugstore for the win
    @pepper Thank you my dear

    Thanks for stopping by ladies <3


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