DIY Highlighter Blush (Mineral)

Hi dolls!

I had some mineral make up items (Blushes,Powders ,eyeshadow samples) that were almost empty and taking up a lot space.
And after 10++ years of make up,I haven't found the perfect highlighter yet.
Those are good reasons to do a little DIY make up session.

you need:
An empty essence concealer trio or any other empty make up pan
Mineral make up items mentioned above
rubbing alcohol
paper towel
little spatula aka screwdriver
clean hands or gloves!!!!!!!!
Mixing bowl (aka Chinese take out sweet n sour sauce container,washed and wiped with alcohol)

First you have to think what color you want.I wanted a highlighter with a 'glow' aka golden and silver shimmer mixed,a peachy blush and a rosy blush with golden shimmer.

Then you have to check your products for their finish,shimmer and color.
For example for my highlighter I used a champagne colored eyeshadow,a mineral powder that was too pink for my complexion and a tiny hint of golden shimmer.

Empty pan before rubbing it w/ alcohol

If any of your products are pressed,scrape some product off the surface with a flat tip screwdriver.

Highlighter ingredients

Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and mix until you have a paste like consistency.
Eww! Mixed with rubbing alcohol

Fill into your pan and lightly press with paper towel to push the product into the edges.Make sure there are no air-sockets/pockets.
Keep in a warm place for 30 minutes,then firmly press with a paper towel.

After drying for 30 minutes

Your DIY product will need several hours to dry.
The rubbing alcohol will evaporate,so no worries if you have sensitive skin,there will be no alcohol left in the product

And here are the swatches!



  1. A gift for you on my blog! :)

  2. I dedicated an award to you because I love your work.
    You've earned it! ^. ^

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  4. What a cool idea! I was just wondering if the alcohol burns your eyes on skin? Btw, love the photo editing on the last pic :)

  5. @LaFe: Thxxxx dear!
    @Makeupsparkle: The alcohol fully evaporates and there will be only powder left!

  6. I love your DIYs!!! Gonna try using alcohol =)

  7. Alcohol is fine!(oinopneuma)
    Thanks for stopping by

  8. wow~it looks nice~i should try to do it myself

  9. Rubbing alcohol είναι τα καθαρό οινόπνευμα που βρίσκουμε στο σούπερ μάρκετ? The colours look sooo pretty! You do the same technique for broken eyeshadows and blushes?

  10. Yes,it works for broken shadows,blushes and you can even press loose powders or pigments.

  11. Kai nai,einai to ka8aro oinopnevma (oxi to mple)


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