Piggy Pig Pig Nail Art Design

Hi dolls,

The bunnies had to go! They were evil little creature paired with sloppiness.
When you put so much time and detail into something,little imperfections can drive you to the verge of a nervous break down.(Well not that bad of course,but you feel like :"Dang!")
So today there was plenty of time,patience and good mood.
Cute little pigs make me go eeeeek,because hey,they are cute....why not create a nail design?!
During the process of applying 1 layer nail hardener,1 layer base coat,background color,grass color no.1 and no.2,sponged clouds,pigs body,feet,ears,noses,eyes,nose whole,hearts and dots the essence express dry drops turned out to be a huge blessing.Without that amazing product,I still wouldn't be able to type without messing up the mani.

The only things missing in the picture are two layers of top coat and a clean up XD



  1. hahaha, loving it! I love all your funny nail art, but looks like loads of work, you're so patient!!

  2. The drying time can be a challenge of patience,but hey it is relaxing.

  3. I wish I had your patience! I love the piggies <3

  4. They are lovely!! thanks for the link hun!


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