Simple cat eye with a hint of drama

Hi dolls,

Today was quite hectic,so there was not much time for make up.
I covered the whole lid and crease area with a thin layer of white eyeshadow.To re-define the crease I used a light gray.
Some quick eyeliner art and to round the look up,I applied some black shadow+a black gel eyeliner on the waterlines and the lower lash line.

And when I was done, the result wasn't dramatic enough.So the essence fairytale false lashes were glued on for their last use.



  1. Gorgeous!
    I really need to start practising more with eyeliner, but I always make a mess out of it, so that's going to be my belated new years resolution! Try new make-up looks! :D

  2. Good luck with that late new years resolution.
    New make up looks are so exciting!

  3. Oh my good god, this is gorgeous!

  4. allow me to bow to you missy :) that looks gorgeous :)

  5. Thank you Dyna <3 and Makeup Zombie <3
    Have a great day!

  6. Love the false lashes! The dots on your eyeliner art are so cute!

  7. Love love love, this I love! Good call on the fairytale fake lashes. Great work for hardly any time as well. I would totally rock this


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