Essence sos nail care balm review

Hola chicas!

I was testing this stuff for 1 month now and it works really well.

Packaging : Essence Sos nail care balm comes in a plastic jar with a white lid and pink letters.It contains 0.24 oz
/7 g

The product : The product is a light pink mousse like balm that reminds you a bit of strawberry yogurt when you look at it.It smells really natural and reminds me a bit of baby-butt-cream.

What it promises: " The ultimate treatment for your nails! This balm provides dry cuticles and brittle nails with moisture and care " (Source : Product sticker)
It contains shea butter,almond oil and panthenol  which are supposed to nourish and care for the nails and also these ingredients stimulate the growth of the nail (Source: German essence website)

My 2 cents: I am amazed by this little white pinkish stuff.You apply it to your nails and massage the product in.The skin/cuticles absorb the product really quickly.It doesn't leave any greasy residue on the nails which is a big plus.I hydrate my cuticles 3 times a day.....morning and evening with essence nail care balm and in the afternoon with olive oil or vitamin e oil.
Usually when my nails on the right hand reach a certain length they tear very easy.Especially the middle finger.
Since I have been using the essence balm I am waiting for my nail to tear,but it seems like they won't tear or rip even after several chores.
The only bad thing about this product is,the pot is quite deep and you usually kind of poke a hole in it with your nail.And you get all the product stuck in the back of your nail.
I solved the issue by cutting a q-tip so it will fit inside the jar.

Overall I am very happy.Great value for a great price (3,04 Euro)

It does everything I want from a nail balm.


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