Step by step basic smokey eye

The basic smokey eye was the base for this look.Always start off with a moisturized and primed face.
1.Prime your eye lid,the crease ,the brow bone area and the outer lower lash line.

2.Apply a white or silver shimmer shadow in the inner corners and the 1/3 of your lid.No need for accuracy,because you will blend later

3.Apply a darker silver on the middle of the lid and the middle area of the lid.

4.Apply a black shadow in a V shape.Again no need for accuracy.

5.Blend the colors together with very light handed little strokes.

6.In a sweeping motion blend the upper part of your crease area with an eyeshadow color that is matte and close to your skin color.We don't want any harsh lines.

7 Highlight your brow area and inner corners,line your eyes and apply mascara


  1. Nice tutorial, thanks! :)

  2. <33333
    Thank YOU my dear!

  3. love this tutorial!

  4. freu mich das dir meine berichte gefallen^_^

    die erfahrung,dass blinde cinchillas sich super zurecht finden,durfte ich auch machen :)
    es ist wirklich erstaunlich wie die die gegend abtasten und total zielsicher rumlaufen!
    ich werde sie ganz lieb grüßen morgen<3

  5. noooooooooooo :D But I love you!! *-* Spettacular!!

  6. thanks for this tutorial! your eye makeup is always gorgeous!

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, super helpful!

  8. Thank you La FE,Leslie and Pepper <3


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