Fantasy forest Green Dramatic Eye Make up

Hi dolls

Today I did a little make up organization extravaganza.Spoiled/bad products got tossed (1 mascara,1 liquid eyeshadow,1 lip gloss)
Also cleaned and sanitized every make up item.
Phew it was a lot of work,but fighting the germs and organizing things is a great thing!

And digging out this green mono eyeshadow from essence was a great idea.
Here is the look:
A quite dramatic green smokey eye with a hint of gray in the outer V.
Both waterlines are lined with a lot of black gel liner.

For the lower lash line I used green eyeshadow on a brush with some mixing medium.
And as usual,there is some eyeliner art.Nothing too extreme.....just a tree 



  1. Nice one! You have the prettiest lashes ^^. This eyeshadow is really cool, I'm definitely getting get!

  2. Anonymous18:49

    also im handel ist nue die butter und das duschgel bisher. ich hab das duschgel nur als mini gefunden, aber manche haben auch schon die große flasche sichten können :D bin gespannt ob das parfum was alverde rausbringt auch so duftet, das wäre einfach zuuuuuu geil!

  3. @Morticia: Merci hun! <3
    @ Retro: Werd mir die Produkte definitiv schicken lassen.
    Ein Parfuem waer sooooooo toll!


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