Product murder (what I have used up)

Hi dolls

A lot of bloggers do these kind of posts where they show what products they have used up.I always loved those posts,so I collected my murdered products :)

1.Carrefour Bio Agir Cold cream : This stuff is divine,because it absorbs sooo quickly and it moisturizes the face soooo well.I already have a new tube waiting to be opened.(Review)
2.Essence  multi action mascara : For me this is the king of all mascaras.I wish it was waterproof! This must be the 10th (?) repurchase.The funny part is that I wasn't that amazed by the product in the beginning.(Review)
3.Essence volume Boost Base Mascara: This is my savior on a bad lash day.Sadly it's been discontinued and this tube was my last back up.(Review)
4.Essence waterproof eyeliner : Don't tell anybody,but I buy a lot of these every time I go to the beauty store.1 eyeliner will last me maybe a week or two.And since it is also brilliant for clients,I started to purchase them in bulk from a great website.(Review)
5.Essence sun club splash proof eyeliner : Not a holy grail,but a great product for everyday looks.I didn't repurchase though.(mini mini Review)
6.Essence better than gel nails top sealer : Seriously screw Seche Vite! This stuff is cheap,amazing and a holy grail.(Review)

What products did you use up lately?



  1. I recently use up a cleansing pad. I am on my way to finishing up a toner and The Body Shop body butter!

  2. LOVE the title! Thats awesome! Doesn't it feel good to get stuff used up? I'm glad I now have Essence available to me. I'm going to have to check out the top sealer. And I can't believe you go thru eyeliner that fast!

  3. -wants after the essence eyeliner-

    y u no make bigger bottles, company? D:<

  4. @Deyi: The body butter from Bodyshop is heavenly isn't it?
    @Peach : Yess I am always happy when I used up stuff.The essence eyeliners are pretty small,and only judging by the amount I have on my face on a daily basis,you can imagine how fast I go through a bottle.
    @Kitty: Meeeeow yes


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