Essence Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof review

Hello Cuties

Every Goth Girl needs a waterproof black eyeliner,especially when she adds delicate decoration to her make up.
I am in love with this,because sometimes I forget that I painted funny looking dots around my eye and I smudge them X__X.This eyeliner is very very waterproof,smudge proof and receives the Goth-seal-of-approval !

Packaging: The eyeliner comes in a black tube with a turquoise cap.The applicator is a thin and very flexible brush. It contains 0.1 fl.oz/3ml

What it promises :"For high definition eye contours.Waterproof" (Source tube)

I wore it now 2-3 times.And I drew a line on my arm and went in the shower with it.Absolutely waterproof.
It is really easy to draw a perfect cat eye with this brush.And even my eye decorations didn't fade after an exhausting walk in the midday heat.
It smells a bit like plastic,but the smell is very light and fades immediately after the application.
It is a bit hard to remove it,you need a water/oil based eye make up remover.
In the beauty store I swatched it on my wrist and it was impossible to remove it with a baby wipe.Only after some extreme rubbing XD This encouraged me to buy it.

So there is no more paper towel needed on my pillow,when I do a quick nap..*Yay*
Noo  Bad Idea.Foundation on my holy pillow wouldn't be so pretty.

Well I can recommend this to everybody who likes a extreme long wearing,waterproof eyeliner.
I bought it for 1,95 Euro with a discount.
I also took a liquid eyeliner pen with me,but didn't test it yet.



    especially 'cause if You are crying and You are not at home, and You'll get black niagara falls upon your face (for ex. if you're watching a sad movie @ cinema, and you start crying a lot!)awaawawwawa!!!
    we use to have essence make-up in Italy too, and I use to buy these products almost everytime I find them-good price, and in general good make-up.
    I remember I bought a waterproof mascara- not essence. I spent almost 15 minutes to clean my eyes with cleansing was hard to clean them.too strong.

  2. Black Niagara falls ,Omg that is the funniest thing ever.
    With the right make up remover,every waterproof mascara/eyeliner is removable.Olive Oil is also a good way to remove waterproof make up.

    Greetings to bella Italia!


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