Step by Step Yellow smokey Goth-Eye Tutorial

Hi dollies

It's time for a tutorial again!This time it's a very bright yellow smokey eye,but of course you may use your favorite colors and of course you don't have to paint your eye area with funny dots and stripes,that's totally up to you.

This is the finished look :

Prime your eyes and use a white eyeshadow base (jumbo pencil,cream eyeshadow,grease paint)

Apply white eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes and blend it out following the funny red dots

Apply yellow eyeshadow on the middle of your lid.Don't blend yet

Add black eyeshadow to the outer V and crease.

With a clean fluffy brush blend the yellow into the white.In a windshield wiper motion blend out the black following the arrow.

Apply white eyeshadow following the dots on the left side.On the right side you see how to smooth the edges of the black eyeshadow.

Tightline your top and bottom waterline.
With a small brush set the eyeliner with black eyeshadow and smudge it around the lower lash line

Line your eyes with liquid liner and smooth out the lower lashline eyeshadow with a tiny bit of yellow eyeshadow

Wing your eyes,apply mascara,draw on your brows!

And if you want,go crazy with your eyeliner!



  1. Oh, I love it! For some reason, it reminds me of a bumblebee :) The colour combination just makes the design "pop" all the more. (And who wouldn't want to add dots and stripes? ;)
    -Kelli <3

  2. I agree it does remind me of bumble bee..but it is fun~~~you always come up with the fun-est looks~~~


  3. U N G L A U B L I C H !!!!♥


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