My essence Halloween Prize


I had won the contest on  and my prize arrived today.
I submitted some looks and also nail art.The lizard nail design for halloween  
Was the winner.The prize was an essence beauty set.
So while I was anxiously waiting for my package I was thinking what it could be?
Then when the huge envelope arrived,I got very excited.
There was bubble wrap <3 <3 *popping bubbles like a maniac to ease nervousness *

And tadaaaa! The first thing to enter daylight was the xxxl nudes lipgloss in 02 light candy.YUMMY I can tell you.Beautiful shine and color.
Then there came Mr.Essence sun club 100% splash proof eyeliner.Amazing! It is sooo black and the fine tip is perfect for eyeliner art. (It was so amazing I almost painted my whole face XD)

Next was the eyeshadow quattro in 02 chic-ify,which is a really cool quattro for all occasions.
Eeeek,then a shiny blue mascara tube appeared out of the bubble wrap envelope cave: The stays on and on mascara.Although I haven't tried it yet,I like the fact that the brush is small.
Another item crawled out of the envelope.A loop file ! (I wanted to buy it,so yaaaaay !!!!)
Last but not least there are nail stickers(03 good girl)
I never had bought any nail sticker,because usually I prefer to paint the things on myself.
But of course I had to try them.They look pretty,but they are so small :D (Well for a Girl that likes flashy nails like me,those are too 'quiet'.)

The lip gloss is amazing.Compared to other lipglosses I tried,the essence ones don't dry out the lips or get supersticky as they wear off.

Thank you very much essence and cosnova,the products are beautiful and I love them sooo much.



  1. Wow! Great prize! I would have been excited for all the essence goodies too!


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