Essence volume boost base mascara Review

Time for a review again.I have been using this product for a long time and I already have the third tube of it.
It is really really good.
The packaging : The mascara base comes in a white tube with black letters and it contains 0.2 fl.oz/ 7 ml
What it promises : "Gives your lashes an extra boost of volume and curl.Apply under any mascara.
The mascara base has quite big brush that has a thin tip and gets bigger towards the end.The mascara base is white and has tiny fibers in it.

I love this base! I tried it under a lot of different mascaras and it really makes a difference.Even my least favorite mascara was wearable again thanks to this base.The texture is quite thick ,but it is easy to apply.The little nylon fibers in it stick to the lashes in order to give more length and thickness.It is white so it makes the color of the mascara pop,especially when wearing blue/purple mascara.
It almost doesn't have any smell to it,which I really like.It smells a bit like flour/dough,but only a tiny bit.

Pro: Result is stunning,especially when you don't want to wear false lashes like me.The base makes mascara last really long and it doesn't give that fly-leg-look to your lashes.One tube of this product will last you really long,because you don't need much of it.The price is stunning too.Only 2,85 Euro

Con: Sometimes you have to apply 2 coats of mascara to get rid of all the white base peeking through
.Ingredients are not listed on the tube.


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