Kiss Kiss Automatic Eye pencil review +Swatches

Hi dolls

I needed a new eyepencil and I thought why shouldn't I try the Kiss Kiss pencil,because it doesn't need to be sharpened and the price of 2 euro something was quite fair.
Little did I know.......

Packaging: The eyepencil comes in a retractable,black and silver plastic packaging.The pencil's cap won't stay on at all.You may use it for 36 months.

The product: Once you twist up the pencil you will see a very waxy,sticky pen,that smells like play-doh.

My 2 cents: As you can see from the swatches it applies very uneven and the pen seems to randomly loose crumbs and chunks.The texture is way to waxy.
Getting it on the waterline is quite difficult,because your waterline is wet by nature and this waxy mess simply won't stick to it.
Drying your waterline with a q-tip is the only solution.
Once you managed to get something on your waterline,you will have to clean up all the chunks X_X.
For me this is a true fail product,because it makes such a mess.
It is okay to line your lashline,but again the chunky horror will get you.......

-doesn't raccoon

-smells awfully
-doesn't stick to the waterline
-the cap always comes off (this is what pisses me off the most)

Conclusion : Sheer and utter FAIL Product.........Any pencil is better than this.I will probably melt it and add a cream eyeshadow to it,so it can at least serve as a eyeshadow base.I am mad that I didn't notice the chunks when I swatched it in the store.



  1. Not all products can be hits :( Thanks for the review!

  2. Yes dear,but as long as they don't end up in a dark corner of the make up vanity,it's okay.


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