Greek Cosmetics tip: Carrefour

Hi dolls,

I recently have discovered a new holy grail product: The Agir Carrefour Bio cold cream.We purchased this product for our chinchilla because he had very very dry spots on his feet and the vet told us to buy any perfume free baby moisturizer.Sadly all the baby moisturizers didn't sink into his skin.
So while we were at the supermarket my partner brought me this tube of cold cream:" It's organic,perfume free and cheap" It has organic karite butter,sunflower seed oil and honey.Plus it is free of Paraffinum Liquidum,which I try to avoid :)
Okay for 2 euros it will be a great bargain,and if it doesn't work I could still use it for my hands.
This cream gets absorbed by the skin so quickly ,leaving it moisturized.
It worked for our Chinchilla and his chapped feet were history withing 1 week.
For some weird reason the cream ended up in my purse and some days ago we were outside and my under eye area was really dry because of the extreme sun.
So I just applied the cream and it was amazing.It dries to a matte finish,doesn't irritate the skin and it really provides major moisture.From this day on that cold cream has become my favorite cream for face and eyes.
I really start to enjoy the organic personal care line from carrefour,they really made an effort!

There are several other countries that have carrefour supermarkets,so keep your eyes open :)



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