Essence Better than Gel nails Top Sealer Review

Hi dolls!

Essence really managed to wow me with their new products.From all the new stuff I have tried,there wasn't any bad or average product.One of my readers was nice enough to send me the better than Gel Nails Top Sealer which is really hyped by German Guru's and Bloggers.
So thanks a lot Bine <3 <3 <3 Hope the cookies arrived save

Packaging: The top coat comes in a neat black bottle with a black cap and I just noticed that the bottle has cute little shimmers everywhere.0.34 fl oz/10 ml of product which is a lot

The Product: Oh wonder oh wonder the top coat is clear,quite runny,very smelly,but amazingly fast drying.

What it promises: "Fast drying top sealer for perfectly looking gel-like nails."

My 2 cents: I purchased 5 bottles,do I need to say more??The first time I used this, I noticed that it dried 3 layers of nail polish and nail art in such a short time.It kind of is a protective layer at first,so you can happily do stuff instead of waving and blowing on your hands.It also flattens the surface of the nail polish/nail art which is amazing.
But the highlight is the duration: 1 week with no chipping.Hard labor,chores and garden work....still no chipping.If m,y manicure wouldn't have grown out (huge gap at the bottom),I would still have perfectly manicured nails.Seche Vite, the holy grail of top coats is just another expensive luxury item compared to the essence better than gel nails top sealer.

Pro :
-Dries all layers of nail polish in such a quick time
-the best duration I have ever seen
-high shine
-surface smoothing
-Price (3.49 Euros)
-great brush

-Bottle is not clear,so you can't see how much you have used

Holy grail! I stocked up on this stuff because it's amazing.I will not even bother looking at other top coats now.



  1. That sounds amazing! Like the Seche Vite affordable alternative! It was good to know ;)

  2. Oh, das klingt ja echt toll! Ich wollte morgen eh zu dm, da werd ich direkt mal nach deinem "Grahl" Ausschau halten ;)
    Danke für deine ausführliche Review :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Rrrreally? Oh, I need this!!


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