April Favorites

Hi dolls,

The last 2 months I accumulated a lot of new products,but I also dug out some stuff from earlier this year.
Here are my favorite products:

1.False Lashes from the 1 Euro shop: Thaaank god I stocked up on these.50 cent a pair and I got two designs.Spike lashes and criss cross ones.
2.Essence pure skin spot fighting duo: This stuff really helps to fight the little monsters in my face.
3.Lovie Mascara Waterproof: I really like the fact that the formula is quite wet,so it's really nice for layering.The mascara stays put even in some emotional moments.....
4.Farmasi Concealer: Sadly it's from an old collection and I threw away the box,so it's difficult to review it,but the fact that it is suitable for pale people and has a slight salmon undertone makes it perfect for under the eyes.
5.Essence XXXL Nudes lipgloss:Smells amazing,not too nude and perfect for a very dramatic make up with a muted lip.
6.Apivita Body Nourish: Oh boy.....Thank god I have stocked up on this too.Another 3 bottles from the magazine.Can't live without it anymore...I think

Do you own any of those products??If so,what do you like/dislike about them?

Huggies <3


  1. Anonymous23:00

    I use the Essence spot fighter, too. Works pretty good, I think.


  2. I love the Essence nude lipgloss too! And I want to eat it but that's another story! :D The eylashes look very pretty!

  3. Great favorites! I don't own any of these products, but they sound great!

  4. @Sal yeah the spot fighting products are great
    @Natalie: Oh yeees.Reminds me of toffee taste
    @Peach thanks doll!


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