Essence pure skin spot fighting duo Review

Hi dolls,

Lately my skin is kind of bad,because I break out like a teenager.First I tried the usual natural remedies: Tea tree oil,honey,vinegar and even toothpaste,but naaah,skin just kept getting worse.So when I went for a haul with my gift certificate,I checked the pure skin stand from essence,which has served me well in the past.
I already have the Anti spot wash cream gel,the anti spot moisturizer (<3) and the pure teint cover stick.But getting yet another anti spot fighter made sense,because right now I need something for the 'no make up' days so I can go out and about with no worries.

Anyway,enough with the blah blah,let's do a review!
Packaging: The essence spot fighting duo comes in a little cardboard thingie,with all the instructions,ingredients and product description.Once you remove the card board,the product,which is made out of sturdy plastic comes to light.Each side of the duo is made of clear plastic.One side has a doe foot(5ml) and the other side has a roller ball applicator(4ml),you can use it up to 12 months.

What it promises:"2in1! the new duo-concealer offers two treatment-effects at the same time: as a first step, it treats and disinfects spots and uneven skin quickly and easily with the anti-bacterial formula, which has a practical roller-ball applicator. the lightly tinted concealer then covers spots and blemishes for a smooth, pure complexion."  (Source:

My 2 cents:First of all I am relieved that the anti bacterial clear disinfecting liquid doesn't sting or burn.Previous zit zappers literally dehydrated the zit/spot and everything around it with a quite nasty burning sensation.This one doesn't burn at all.
To really test it out, I used it on a freshly 'summoned' spot and the liquid got absorbed quite quickly.By noon the spot wasn't that red anymore and the next morning it had lost all it's volume.The concealer works really well on spots and it doesn't emphasize them.And due to the roller ball applicator it's quite easy to apply 3 times a day and it really works.

-Great packaging/concept
-kills nasty nasty spots (used it on the spot 3x a day)
-great for the purse
-concealer covers well
-concealer lasts 6 hours w/o setting powder
-concealer is buildable and blendable
-no burning/stinging sensation
-concealer is light enough 4 me

-the smell of the clear disinfecting liquid=hospital smell
-clear side has 1 ml less

Conclusion: Well I hope my skin will eventually calm down,but if it won't I am gonna keep this spot  fighting duo in my purse and of course I would repurchase it.

What is your anti spot secret?


  1. It sounds very good! I haven't buy any coloured pure skin products (mousse makeup, powder or this one) because the colours seem too dark for me. What colour did you get??

  2. Anonymous20:15

    I have one of these and I yes: great results! I have another anti-spot thingy from Essence which is great, too:
    "pureskin anti-spot gel"

  3. das muss ich mir mal ansehen!:)

  4. @Sal: Oh I shall check that out!
    @Spring: Ja,das ist echt super,selbst bei Midlife-Pubertaets-Pickel-Attacke.


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