Easy flower Nail Art Design

Hi dolls

First of all :"Wow!" I wasn't expecting that soo many people participate in the give away.I was refreshing the google doc page over and over and couldn't believe my eyes.This really made my day!
Thank you so much for participating!

Yesterday's manicure was something quick and easy.
The golden Lovie Nail polish has become my new favorite because it is so pigmented,long lasting,quick drying and fabulous.

The design consists of squiggly lines and a few dots,that's all.It took me like 10 minutes.



  1. Very cute and easy!

  2. Cute mani! ^.^

  3. That is gorgeous. You are really talented with nail arts :)

  4. Thank you muchly! I was afraid people were too scared to put their pics on this site. Who cares? We think about it everyday, don't we? Thus, everything is possible in Heaven for U.S. Sad how they refuse to see that - Steven Hawking is a good example. Pray for him. I will. God will abundantly bless your socks off. Thus, my name - blessed Holy Socks. One of 'em HawrHawr See ya soon...

  5. I really love it! It looks like a nail foil/sticker!

  6. Thank you Ladies and Mr.Kold Kadavr


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