Apivita Body Nourish Bath& Shower Gel Review

Hi dolls.

I had purchased the Apivita Body Nourish (almond lavender) as a gift in a Greek Magazine and usually shower gel doesn't excite   me at all,but this one really  made me change my mind.

Packaging: The product comes in the classical brown apivita plastic bottle made from plastic.The cap is black and has the company's logo imprinted on the top.You may use the product for 12 months and it contains 200 ml/6.8 fl oz.

The product:Apivita Body Nourish is SLES,Paraben,Silicone,Propylene Glycol,mineral oil and Ethanolamine free (Yay).96% Natural ingredients,contains Saponaria as a mild cleansing agent,almond and lavender oil for hydration and nourishment,lavender and neroli essential oil for a stress relieving effect.The product itself is a white gel,with an amazing smell that foams up really well.

What it promises: "Cleanse effectively without causing irritations,hydration and nourishment of the skin,stress relief"

My 2 cents:First of all the smell is amazing and just that makes you feel great.As I said,I never got excited about a shower gel,but this baby changed my mind.Usually I have to apply a lot of moisturizer after showering/taking a bath,because the skin on my body tends to get dry and flaky.So after trying the gel for the first time I got out of the shower,dried my skin and I was reaching for my moisturizer,but then I had a little "Wtf-Moment".Did I apply my moisturizer already?
Surprisingly the skin was feeling well moisturized,firm and it looked better.
The next day it was even better.
Maybe it is because I used supermarket shower gels all my life,but this product made a huuuuuge difference.
Well the stress relief-property doesn't really work for me,but only the way it moisturizes the skin is enough to become a huge body nourish-fan.

-Great scent
-cleanses well
-amazing moisturizing properties
-better looking skin after 1 use
-great ingredients
-olive oil (<3 olive oil)

-300 ml retail for 12,20 Euro

Thank god I bought another magazine with this amazing gift.Love Love Love this product.I had never experienced anything like this shower gel.My skin loves it.

Do you own any apivita bath/shower products,if so how do you like them?



  1. wow! I'm like you, I've been using supermarket shower gels for ever and this product just sounds amazing!

  2. If you get the chance for a magazine bargain like that,you will experience the amazingness :D


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