Beauty Line Cosmetics waterproof pen eyeliner review

Hi dolls

I have purchased this eyeliner pen a few days ago because I had swatched it many times in the store and it always was clear,that this stuff is waterproof to the fullest.And I had 2 eyeliner pens with felt tip from essence.
The day I ran out of the sun club eyeliner pen I wanted to go and buy the beauty Line cosmetics one.
Obviously I did "D

Packaging: A sleek black pan,with a silver ring,a very very airtight cap.You can use the product for 9 months after opening.

My 2 cents: Finally a black felt tip pen that you can layer! The formula dries pretty rapidly and it is very waterproof,but sadly the very tip of the pen doesn't draw pretty black lines and in the end I will snip off that 0,5 millimeter.But it's pretty convenient to quickly line your eyes.For eyeliner art it's pretty useless.
I'm very picky with eyeliners.....I bet you can tell :D
You should store eyeliner pens with felt tip upside down,so the tip is always wet.

-very black
-seriously water proof
-airtight cap that will prevent drying out
-cheap (3,50)
-No scent
-dries quickly

-useless for eyeliner art
-the very end of the tip doesn't draw black lines

It is not a holy grail product,but it is convenient for a quick and accurate eyeliner line with wing,so I will probably repurchase if there is nothing better in the same price range.



  1. I used to think these type of liner pens were great until you find that the more you use it, the less likely the ink ends up flowing to the tip. That's why I like the normal liquid liners. :)

  2. I'va always found that eyeliner pens like that one are quite useless for eye artistry. I've just never used one that works as good as my trusty pencil ;) Though most are good for quick, accurate lining as you said. ^.^
    -Kelli <3

  3. Great review. Too bad that its not good for eyeliner art :( And thanks for the tip to store felt tip eyeliners upside down! Something I probably should have known, but didn't!

  4. oh its too hard to find a good liner in a pen...this is black black though!

  5. Nice review! It looks great for its price!

  6. I experienced the same with a more expensive (10euro) eyeliner (I think it was maybeline, but I'm not sure)
    I also found it dried out quickly, the tip was worthless for doing my winged make-up, and only the sides worked, which gives a messy result! I stay with the normal eyeliner (from essence)


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