With one sip I betrayed my kind.....

Hi dolls!

The Greek readers among you maybe already noticed from the picture that I am drinking a Frappe (Greek iced coffee).
I quit drinking coffee when I was 19,because I felt like a slave to coffee.I couldn't wake up without a mug of coffee,I couldn't relax and I couldn't sit in a fancy cafeteria without a frigging cup of coffee.Then one day when I noticed that I was out of coffee early in the morning ,I was ready to cry.C'mon!

That day I decided no more coffee for me.And in all those years I had maybe 4 or 5 cups of coffee.

Today I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that I had forgotten to fill in some forms that have to be submitted today.$#%$%$^%8&*!!!!!
So I got up at this inhuman hour and started to fill in the forms.
After 3 hours and 2 liters of green tea my eyes were so heavy and all I wanted is to go to bed.
But no no no! I still have a whole day of work ahead of me.
So I asked my partner if he could make me a Frappe,because I suck at making any kind of Greek coffee.

He asked me if I was sure....Of course I was sure! (Caffeine and energy drinks turn me into that hyper-fast-jittery being)

I drank the stuff quite fast and here I am now with my eyes wide open,shaky hands,and a hypertension *yay*
But at least I didn't fall asleep.

And now I go back to hating coffee!

Does anybody else hate coffee?
How do you like your coffee during summer?
Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day my dear dolls!

Huggies + <3



  1. I hate coffee, but am addicted to energy drinks :)
    Somehow I don't react well to coffee, I always get nauseous from it. Kinda weird, but hey, that's me, haha!

  2. hola! I am in in a caffeine hypertension myself right now-from Cappuccino fredo though! But I love coffeeeee and I am trying to do the most I can while I'm on that situation!!! =) I am defending your fight nevertheless!!!:P

  3. Anonymous12:02

    When I was twelve I bet my mum $500 that I wouldn't drink coffee until I am 20.

  4. @Morrigan : Yeah,I totally understand that you get nauseous from coffee.
    @Argyro: Mhh fredo smells soo good,but it's even stronger than nescafe I believe.
    @Rouise: Hope you will win this bet <3

  5. I hate that I love coffee so much! ;)

  6. I love coffee and tea!!!!
    Aber ab 16 Uhr nur noch ohne Koffeein, sonst sitze ich nachts im Bett, statt zu schlafen :-(
    drücke dich!

  7. I do like coffee, specially capuccino. Unfortunately, I became an addict in the past and I even suffered arrhythmia so I had to stop drinking It. Nowadays I prefer tea and herb teas (which are supposed to have less excitatory substances). To prevent any problem I try to control the quantity of hot drinks that I consume in a day and If I really crave for a huge quantity then I reduce the number of tea spoons and simply add more water to each teapot.
    It can sound kind of stupid but It works to me!

  8. I don't drink coffee either, but I sure love it! I do have a decaf mocha from Coffee Bean every now and then (not Starbucks - their decaf still has a ton of caffeine!). Caffeine makes me very hyper and jumpy, plus I become dependent on it very quickly.

  9. I don't like the taste of coffee most of the time, to be honest. I used to be a coffee hater but now I occasionally drink a Freddoccino, Mochaccino (the ones with crushed ice and a light taste of coffee) and my favorite is Freddito!!! <3 or something that has a bit of chocolate taste to it haha :)

  10. @Laura : :) Haha that made me smile
    @Tinny : Yes that happened to me the day I drank that coffee.I stayed awake for 24 hours
    @Violette: Sorry to hear that my dear,tea is better anyway :)
    @Victorian Kitty: I don't trust decaf either,but thank god you found a bean that suits your needs
    @Denise: Freddoccino is nice,but it gives me a brain freeze everytime I drink it :)

  11. Coffee makes me nauseous if I drink it with an empty stomach, especially frappe! So, I only drink coffee after lunch and not every day. I've realised that I like the coffee smell more that the taste itself, weird, huh?


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