Daytime look with falsies

Hi dolls,

Today there was not much time for make up and I had a bad lash day.Until today I didn't know a bad lash day existed,but for some weird reasons my evil lashes were all over the place and mascara didn't make it any better.
The look is a simple monochromatic lid with a darkened crease.I used a light gray on the whole lid,then applied a brown in the crease and darkened it with a charcoal gray.And as usual blend,blend blend!
In order to give this look some drama,I applied a thin layer of khol eyeliner pencil on the bottom water line.

To my surprise the lashes from the 1 Euro shop are great,because the base is less flexible which makes the application very easy.They are also a tiny bit stiffer than previous false lashes I had tried,which makes them easier to clean and handle.
The ardell lashes or the essence lashes had the problem that they were quite soft,so after 2 times of washing and cleaning them they looked kind of shabby.The 1 Euro shop ones also endure more wind without loosing their curl.
I will definitely buy a whole box of them.

Enough with the talking:

Now I shall take off all my make up and get into comfy clothes,because I have a great documentary and a cup of tea waiting for me.

Huggies <3



  1. I love it! Very feminine and pretty! ;)

    Xx Leslie

  2. I love it! I have to say, the first time I saw cross-shaped lashes I was like "whaaaat? whyy?" but they look so good and blend with the natural lashes. Very pretty lashes, very pretty look! :)

  3. Natalie,I had the same initial thought when I first saw criss cross lashes,but they work well.

  4. Hey, I have a question I hope you can answer. I am looking into doing a blog similar to this one, with my makeup looks and nail art. I've recently found your blog, and I *love* it. I've noticed that the lighting in all of your pictures is amazing, and I was wondering how you do it, and get all the colors to show up so well. I can't quite get it to look right, no matter what I do. Any tips you could give me? If so, that would be great.

  5. Hi Emily :)
    For a decent make up/nail art picture you need natural lighting.Either you face a large window with a decent amount of light coming through and take a picture or you go outside.I usually take my pictures without flash,because the flash washes out the colors.For indoor pictures I go to the bathroom where I have installed 2 60 watt cool toned light bulbs.
    Normal light bulbs make the colors look more yellow-ish.

    If you have further questions,feel free to ask my dear!
    Have a great day


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