Lovie Waterproof mascara review

yay finally a good mascara


Today I am going to review the Lovie Waterproof Mascara.
This is actually the first mascara that is able to keep my heavy lashes curled for more than an hour.

The Lovie Mascara comes in a black tube with holographic silver letters.It contains 8,5 ml.It can be used for 6 months after opening

So apparently I had lost my essence multi action mascara somewhere and I needed a new one.I stopped by my local beauty counter and purchased this product for 1,55 Euro.
I did not expect much to tell you the truth,because I am very picky with mascaras.

The brush/wand is the usual mascara brush,nothing special,but the formula is amazing!

It is waterproof and even survives a work out without smudging or crumbling on me.
The lashes are still flexible which is my favorite part.As a sun glasses wearing Goth Girl I hate in when my lashes are stiff and crunchy and touch my sunglasses.It can hurt.

The product has almost no smell to it.I smell a bit of bees wax,but only if I get really close to the wand.

It keeps the curl of the lash all day long and it also separates the lashes really well and lengthens them amazingly.
Another thing I like is that even with one coat you get a great volume and thicker appearing lashes.

To sum it up a little I just wanna say that I finally found a mascara that keeps my lashes in place without any stiffness or crunchiness.I will buy the product again!

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