Farmasi Haul

Hi dolls,

My mother in law took me to a dollar tree type store.Everything around 1-5 Euro.I couldn't stand to look at home decor and plastic containers,cuz right now our home is as humid as the rainforest and probably frozen,because it is snowing.......Yes it is f-ing snowing in Greece (even Athens) in March.Usually I would run around going 'weeeee' eating snowflakes,but right now we need good weather to get the roof fixed.

Sorry,back to topic.I ran to the cosmetics section and to my surprise I was looking at cosmetics not tested on animals.
Farmasi is a Turkish brand.
They have an amazing range of colors for thy pale folks and children of the night.

Swatching the under-eye concealer (camouflage liquid) was pure joy.It sets quickly and dries to a beautiful finish.And it is full coverage.I purchased the second lightest shade.

Then I saw a very pale foundation stick.....Gotta have that too.It is pale enough to be goth,but it still has a flesh tone to it,so it won't look like 'hey I am going to a vampire theme party'.

Unfortunately I threw away the card board boxes with all the info for the review *slaps forehead*
But I am sure there will be info on the internet.

Great deal!


*Do you know about farmasi cosmetics??*


  1. I'm sure I've seen Farmasi cosmetics in a shop but I can't remember which one... Next time I'll see them I'll buy this concealer!

  2. I have a lipstick, a red nail polish and a black eyeliner from Farmasi. The lipstick is a nude shade, quite thick, but not drying on my lips. The nail polish is really good and the eyeliner was a suprise, I thought it would smudge and melt but it lasted all night in a smoke-y bar with no issues. I have to start looking for a shop that stocks it in the center of Athens.


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