Essence anti-spot moisturizer review


Now in summer I was looking for a moisturizer that is less heavy than my usual moisturizer.But I also needed something that would work under my make up.
So while shopping I found the Essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer.

What it promises : "Fights spots & blackheads,skin refining,mattifying,redness visibly reduced.
Clearderm-Komplex Antibacterial.Proven effective by dermatologists.
Here's why : This lightweight moisturizing and mattifying cream with skin-calming ingredients visibly reduces redness and soothes irritated skin.It reduces spots and blackheads and helps prevent new skin imperfections.For a long lasting matte and fresh-looking complexion.
Here's how: apply evenly after cleansing routine a.m and p.m ,fluid absorbs quickly,non-greasy,also suitable as a make-up base. "
(Source: tube)

Packaging : It comes in a light blue and white tube with a nice cap that easily opens and closes.
The product: The cream has a tint of green and it is really light weight,almost gel-like.It smells very clean almost like a clean sun block.But the smell goes away really quickly.
It is really not greasy at all which is a huge plus in summer.

I have been using the product for 3 weeks now and I am very happy with it.Usually my skin gets angry if I introduce new anti spot treatments.
But the essence pure skin didn't cause any breakouts or redness.
I bought it only because it claims,that it would be a great make up base.And I tested it with my foundation.
It worked really well

I was hoping for a matte result,but it doesn't mattify the skin that well.The moisture it offers to the skin is great,especially for summer.

After using it for one week I noticed that it really reduces redness.Maybe the greenish tint in the cream helps to  reduce the redness?

And it really really helps to fight spots.I had a bad spot on my cheek the first day I used it.I said to myself :" Now let's see how good this works"
So I cleansed my face,toned my face and applied the moisturizer.
The next morning only a little red dot was visible.And usually bad spots turn into Monsters over night.

I am not sure about the blackheads though.I still have them,I still need to use my DiY pore strips to get rid of those.

To sum this up: I will buy this product again because it makes my skin happy.And for the price of 2,58 Euro it is just great.

Disclaimer : I am not affiliated with any company mentioned in this post.I bought the product with my own money,because I needed a moisturizer.(LOL) The review is for entertainment purposes only.

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