Tip of the day: Pimp my base-coat

If you use clear polishes or nail hardeners/strengtheners as a base coat,you may have experienced similar things: The holo effect of the polish doesn't turn out as great,the colors become dull,or the nail line is visible.With this tip even badly pigmented nail polishes can be used with 1or 2 coats only.Simply add 3-6 drops of white nail polish to your base coat/strengthener depending on it's size.You don't wan't a completely opaque white base coat.There should be enough white to disguise your visible nail line.I used 3 drops for 4 ml of product.


  1. You definitely rock! Thanks for te tip, I hate it when I use base coat for nothing.

  2. Great tip! I've tried a similar tip(for girls that use just a clear polish): add 2-3 drops of pink/fuschia nail polish in the clear one and your nails will look healthier.

  3. That's so simple it's ridiculous (yet brilliant!). I am going to try that, as I have quite a few polishes that are not opaque enough even with two coats.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful tips!

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  4. @Violette: Thanks my dear!
    @Natalie : That sounds like a great tip too!!I shall try that :)
    @Victorian: Merci! Have a great day my dear


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