Essence anti-spot wash cream-gel review

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A few months ago I bought the essence anti-spot wash cream-gel because I wanted to have a facial cleansing and moisturizing product range that was from one collection only.The essence anti-spot wash is a really good product.

Packaging: Like all the products from the essence pure skin product range this product comes in a white and light blue tube with a lid and a little dispenser hole.
There is 100 ml of product in the tube and you should use it within 12 months.

What it promises : " This gentle wash cream instantly lifts away dirt and excess oil.Moisturizing ingredients leave the skin supple and smooth.Used on a regular basis spots and blackheads will be reduced and it helps to prevent new skin imperfections.Skin becomes visibly refined.For pure and smooth skin.* the pure skin system has been proven effective by dermatologists." (Source : Tube)

My 2 cents: The anti-spot wash cream-gel is a white shimmery cream with a gel like consistency.The shimmer is a bit unexpected,but as a glitter junkie I am more than happy to have a shimmery face wash.

You need only a little product.The swatch on the picture shows a hazelnut sized portion,so you see it will last forever.

You have to apply it on a wet face and avoid contact with the eye and mouth area.
It doesn't become foamy,which I kind of dislike.

I use it with a soft facial cleansing brush and it really deep cleans the pores.
The skin doesn't feel tight and dry during the cleansing,unlike a lot of similar products.

Once you wash it off,you will feel that your skin is moisturized a little on the top layer.So I highly recommend a good moisturizer after using the essence anti-spot wash.

It smells very clean,fresh and a bit hospital-like,but hey I like that smell *weirdnezz*

Like I said I love the cleansing effect it provides to my skin,but it is still gentle.

Paired with the essence anti-spot moisturizer it is really good.

After using it now for several months I can say that my skin has improved.I also use green tea for my t-zone and my pores shrunk to a smaller size.

To sum this up: Good product for a good price (2,95 Euro).I dislike the fact that it is not foaming at all.The moisturizing effect is not the best,but at least it doesn't dry your skin out completely.But it battles blackheads really well.So I will buy the product again,unless I find a better product in the same price range.

But seriously: Couldn't they find a shorter name? Essence pure skin anti-spot wash cream-gel



  1. You have made this product sound amazing. I am going to see if I can track it down in the states.

  2. You can find essence cosmetics at Ulta beauty stores in the USA.

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  4. Thank you so much dear!!!

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