Annual Cooking Chinchillas Awards

Good evening dolls and dollies!

I proudly present the annual Cooking Chinchilla Beauty Awards.There are 9 categories.

                                       Best Packaging
The Beauty Line Cosmetics Nail Art Pen/Brushes ,they are smart and I can't imagine nail art without them.

                                             All Nighter
Essence Waterproof eyeliner.You can even get soaking wet,the eyeliner will stay on for a looong time.So there is no need to worry about smudged eyeliner.

                                     Must Have Major
The lovely lovie palettes: Bright colors,durable,great price and you get a lot of product

                                 Best Mascara of all times
Essence Multi Action....why,because it rules and I haven't found a replacement in the same price range.
Bargain of the year
The facial brush from a magazine,because it cleans the skin so well and makes it baby-soft

Newcomer of the year
The Elf 100-Palette,because it's simply fabulous

Goth Product of the year
Beautyline Cosmetics compact powder,because it makes my skin look dead,pale and simply goth-ilicious

The product I can't live without
Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer,because it's sooooo soft and it makes my make up last all day.


  1. you have some great products, congrats ;-)
    as a former gothic i love the best this compact powder :-)
    we used to added baby talk in a powder lol

  2. I like those nail art pens too! And my elf 100 palette of course! The Gosh primer is in my wishlist but since it's a bit expensive I thought I'd finish my current primer first (good girl:) Very unique categories btw! Thanks for adding my blog in your list <3<3


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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