Floral Poppy Flower Nail art design (one stroke attempt)

Hi dolls

It's kind of late,but I wanted to do some nail art because I have bought a brush for the 'one stroke' technique.Sadly it's not soft enough.
One stroke technique enables you to apply 2 colors in one stroke and this way you can create more realistic flowers,leafs and ombre/fade effect designs.
It was my first try,so it's not even close to the real deal,but we will eventually get there :)
The brush was only 50 cents,so it's no big deal.I will go with a softer bristle flat brush the next time.
I also need new acrylic paints! My pack of 12 colors is almost finished.
Here is my first one stroke attempt :

Huggies and good night


  1. For a first attempt this is really good! :) x

  2. Gorgeous, as always!

  3. this looks like a small painting!!!!


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