Beauty Line Cosmetics Nail Art pen/brush review


After presenting those two nail art pen & brush products in my haul, I wanted to really try them out.I am AMAZED!

Packaging : The nail art pen and brush comes in a plastic squeezy bottle,which has a double cap/lid.One for the very thin nail art pen and the other one for the nail art brush.I cannot tell you how much product the bottle contains.There is also a needle on the bottom of the bottle which is kind of hidden by a sticker.

I was a little bit concerned,because I remember seeing those on ebay from another company and the reviews were bad.So I took two of them.
They both work like a charm.The pigmentation is really good,they dry quick and last very long with a proper top coat.I suggest cleaning the pen tip after every use with the needle and some nail polish remover.
The nail pen is really good for dotting and drawing difficult details.You will need a little practice if it is your first nail art pen.
The nail art brush is also good.Mine needed a little trimming though,because there were some bristles going crazy.
A really good deal.
The only bad thing I can say is that you have to clean the neck of the bottle a lot,because a lot of nailpolish some how gathers up there and dries.That makes it a bit difficult to open.

This is the distributor.

I will definitely buy another color soon !

Chinchillachannel 258

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