E.l.f 100 Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hi sweet dolls,
Hope you are all doing fine!
Let's  all send our positive thoughts,warm wishes and prayers to Japan.
Maybe everyone who is reading this could take 10 seconds out of their time to really 'send' them their energy/wish/prayer.


The amazing Natalie of  Natalie's Beauty Land and I did a little product swap and she send me the palette(along with other beautiful things).Well especially as a Goth/eyeshadow fanatic this palette is perfect.

Why? Because it has a bit of everything: Great variety of colors and textures,great formula and a bright red eyeshadow that I have been looking for quite a while.

Packaging: The palette itself is packaged in a card board box with a plastic transparent looki looki window.It contains 3.7 oz/110 g of product.
Once you open the palette a clear hard plastic top with black lines and the Eyes Lips Face logo.
The back of the palette is black and once you open  the palette you can see a little mirror and 2 applicators.

Eyeshadow textures: There is a variety of different types of eyeshadow textures and finishes;shimmers,glitter,satin and matte (matt?)
Only the matte white has a chalky color pay of,but the other colors are amazingly pigmented and highly blend-able.

-Great texture
-easy to work with
-nice selection of colors
-long lasting
-works great with any base

-mirror is bad
-they should have added more red eyeshadow (Just kidding but hey,I am a goth)

Conclusion: I rarely do happy dances,you know that,but this little palette made me forget all my sorrows.
So Natalie,thank you <3

CookingC <3

Thanks for sticking with me although I am being a bad blogger.At the moment the blogs name should be ReviewingChinchillas.......

Be happy and healthy lovelies <3


  1. You are so sweet!! You don't have to thank me, I'm really glad you like it! :) huggs <3<3
    p.s. I'm so sad and worried about Japan and the nuclear factory! I wish and pray for the best!


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