DIY: trying to dupe a paint pot....-Done!

Hi dolls

Mac paintpots are great,especially the ones that have shimmer.But as you know,I am a DIY kinda gal.
I randomly mixed cream shadows,face base and sticky concealer.
To melt the ingredients I just microwaved a mug of water until very hot,filled the shadows in an airtight jar and dropped the jar into the mug for 5 minutes.
Then I stirred well and dropped it into the mug again .
Sadly I forgot to tap the jar on a surface to get rid of you can see in the picture bubbles of air kinda messed up the surface.

I tried it under my eyeshadow and it works !! *Yay*


  1. WOW way to DIY a cream eyeshadow~~~im not very good at crafting...and i tend to make mess when i

    but ya i totally agree with you...bad service is one of those things that gets on my nerves so i don't care this is your part-time long as you are getting paid and im paying have to be somewhat friendly to not expect 5 star service everywhere...but being bitchy or in your case ignore you because the heat is too much to take is just plain LAZY...we all have to work hard for why can't they do their job right....right?

    anyways~~~again i wanna say great post on DIY your own cream shadow~~~and i totally share your dislike to bad customer serivce....


  2. Another fun DIY project! Hmmmm....I'm not sure if I have any cream shadows or concealers. I'll have to go dig thru my collection and see what I have! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. U r truly talented :D

  4. You are great at DIY!

  5. Ouaou...u r amazing!!!! I think I would burn the house if I trid that...IoI

  6. What kind of face base did you use?I wonder if I have ^^"
    Great idea,as always!:D xoxo

  7. Great idea! Painterly paint pot has been in my wishlist for ages, maybe I can make a dupe and save the 20 EUR! Thanks a lot!


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