Step by step smudged liner tutorial

Hi dolls

Sorry it took me a few days to do a tutorial on that look!
The finished look

Apply your foundation and concealer,prime the eyes and apply a light gray eyeshadow all over your eye up to the browbone.

Tightline the upper and lower waterline with an eye pencil.It doesn't have to be neat

Line the upper lashline,again to need to be neat or precise

Set the liner with a matte black eyeshadow and start smudging with a pencil brush

With a fluffy brush and a tiny bit of white eyeshadow blend out the edges of the liner,we don't want harsh lines.On the upper lid blend the shadow onto the main lid area.

Highlight the brow area with a white shimmery eyeshadow and darken the lower lashine with black eyeshadow and a pencil brush.Draw on your brows and apply lots of mascara or false lashes.

This is how it should look :)

If you want a tutorial for a look,just let me know dolls!

The look should take you about 5-10 minutes and of course you can always go for a less dramatic version by adding less black or simply by changing the color.I am sure it works with brown too.

Products used :
Face : Gosh Velvet touch primer,Farmasi Foundation stick,essence 16 h concealer,DIY pressed Powder
Eyes : Elf 100 palette (light gray) ,Erre due Luxury eye pencil (01),essence duo eyeshadow (12 newcomer),Lovie Waterproof mascara,Essence shimmer powder(highlight)



  1. Pragmatika teleio!
    Kai to ekshgeis poly kala :)
    Auto to look kanw otan thelw na tonisw ta matia alla bariemai na balw skies..

  2. I've been trying to find a good smudged eyeshadow how-to! I'm going to try this in the morning.

    I've got a question though,

    Whenever I try to line the upper lash line I end up with a distinctive gap where my eyelashes are and it looks weird. Is there anyway I can avoid this?

  3. toll, toll....das probiere ich auch!☺

  4. Ok.! I am always on the lookout for *really black* black liners & black eyeshadows, and this looks great! Pretty please, you best chinchilla owner of the world, you?

  5. Thanks dolls,I added the products too :D

  6. Really, Erre Due? I should start paying them some respect when I return to Greece.

  7. Ich steh auf deine Tutorials und die red dots ;D
    Sieht toll aus, das probiere ich auf jeden Fall!


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