Gift Haul

Hi dolls

The reason for this haul is actually kind of sad.I came home from a rather unpleasant day and all I wanted to do is: Nail art.Opening my nail art box I noticed that all my acrylic paints are gone.....searched everywhere,they were gone.Then I was informed that my mother in law took them to paint some pottery stuff,but she didn't tell me.So I called her and I was quite angry,because just taking something without even asking is just not cool.I mean c'mon a box of acrylic paints is like 2-3 Euros an available in every super market here.
Yesterday I was on the road all day and coming home I found a bag with my name on it.
Yaaaaaay. new acrylic paints and goodies.
The lipgloss and the blusher are from glamour magazine,the lipstick is from a no-name brand (I can't read the label.It's seetal or something).
I LOVE the blusher and the lipstick! The gloss is great too,but the shade is not right for me.



  1. I would have gone mad about this! She has no right to seek through your home and pick from your belongings.

  2. What a luck that you received new paints the other day!

  3. Thank you for commenting


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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