10 things of today

1.Today I feel like a headless chicken.......No sense of all.

2.Filthy Filthy German tourists : I was waiting on a parking lot in full Goth gear including a latex corset.Two elderly German tourists assumed that I can't understand them,because we are in Greece."Look Herbert how this girl is dressed,I think she is a slutty" In my head I thought ooookay,this will be fun.I approached Herbert and told him :" Look Herbert,your wife has hairy cave-man legs,isn't that a total turn off?????"
It wasn't exactly nice to behave like that in front of two elderly persons,but calling me a slut.noooh uhhh!

3.Bummer of the day/year/decade : Applebee's Greece has closed.(I was about to cry) No more boneless wings,no more Rib eye sandwich and no more Strawberry lemonaaaaaade.That ruined my day completely and is one of the reasons I am a headless chicken.There is no other place with epic Rib eye sandwiches :(((((
The worst part is : I had collected 12 (!!!!) coupons for a free desert and I was planning to eat at least 2 slices of raspberry cheesecake today.

4.We had a severe case of chinchilla paranoia today.Chinchillas make a honking/barking sound when they are scared.I was giving our chin his morning massage and he suddenly started honking at me.My dear partner was loling :" Haha he is terrified of that weird lipstick you are wearing"      Yes,thanks a lot!

5.I did something really stupid today : Making a stunning Gratin Dauphinoise and being too hungry to take a picture.Fail ----->  Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail

6.When somebody stares at you for longer than a minute,wave at them.(I kind of like to make people feel uncomfortable or embarrassed)

7.Today me and my partner are together for 10 years.To all the people that doubted us,warned us and tried to break us up : Fuck you,we can't be separated !258!!!!

8.Almost has a huge wardrobe malfunction today: Those fabrics that seem opaque,but when the sun suddenly shines on them,they expose everything should be forbidden.Thank god I always carry a black shirt in my purse.

9.For the girls : Have you ever accidently rammed your elbow in your boob??? It huuuuuurtsss soooo badly.

10.One of our real life friends opened  a blog and demanded that I add his link to my blogroll.I told him,yeah if you add me too,no problem.A day later he came over and told me : " Uhhm I removed you from my blogroll,because I don't want to look gay " (Make up looks etc)   Then I served cake and I didn't serve him. He started to be all boohhooo and my answer was :" I thought my food makes you look gay"

And I decorated my lighter with a nail art pen :D  


  1. Congrats to you & your man :)
    Applebees closed??? noooo! man, i loved that place :(
    I love advice no. 6 hahahaha
    aaaand... how on earth did you manage to stick your own elbow at your own boob? tsk. i knew you were weird :P
    lots of kisses, i loved this post!!!

  2. haha! I've always wanted to do no.2! Happy anniversary!

  3. Ouuch, yes, I've done that with my elbow before! T-T

    That's really cool nail art! :-) Sorry to hear about Applebees closing in Greece .. wonder why they would shut down? :-/

  4. I really enjoy reading how you're dealing with your daily struggles.
    Congratulations to your anniversary!

  5. Gosh, I wish I had your amount of guts!

  6. heheheh love this post!!! Especially the the german biddie reply and waving at people who stare at you! Brilliant!

  7. Thank you so much dolls!


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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